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2 Oct
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What Color Bonsai Pot Should I Use With What Bonsai Tree?

Just as important as the shape of the bonsai pot you are going to be using, the color can be equally as important.

Juniper Bonsai Pot

You need to consider the color of the tree year round. If it is an evergreen, like a Juniper you typically used an unglazed terracotta pot, but if it changes colors in the season you need to take that into consideration. Below are some helpful suggestions that will help you chose the color of your bonsai pot to compliment your bonsai tree. These are all just suggestions, they are not laws. So in the end, choose what ever you like best for your home or yard.

Unglazed terracotta. (Brown)

Dark Shades – Brown, Grey, Black (Unglazed)

Any of the soft greys or muted tones, also muted glazes.

Pink Flowered Trees
Blues, Greens, Whites

Yellow Flowered Trees
Dark Greens, Dark blues, Creams

Red flowered Trees
Light or dark – green or blues

Orange Flowered Trees
Browns, Greens

Photo Credit – http://www.flickr.com/photos/nostri-imago/3505817487/