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2 Oct
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El Pato Canned Salsa – Which Color is the Spiciest?

El_Pato_Yellow_Salsa_de_Chile_frescoFor years we have been using the Yellow can of El Pato Salsa (Salsa De Chile Fresco) for cooking and just dipping chips in.  We love the flavor and heat that it has!

This week we were making albondigas soup, and we use a can of this in it for a little heat and flavor.  Unfortunately it would be a little too spicy for our 18 month old, so we wanted to make a second batch of the soup with the same flavor, just a little less heat.

We noticed that our local grocery store also had the green (Jalapeño Salsa) and red (Tomato Salsa with Jalapeño) cans of El Pato.  So I bought one of each to take home and test which one was spicier.

Which El Pato Sauce is the Spiciest?

The yellow can of El Pato is the hottest, but also the thinnest, so is usually better to cook meats, fish El_Pato_Green_Jalapeno_salsaor Spanish rice with, or mix into other salsas for flavor and heat.  It is spicier than the other cans because it is produced with yellow cascabell chilies.

The Green and yellow cans are practically identical to each other in heat.  They are however a bit thicker and slightly chunkier than the yellow can, so make for better salsas/dip.  After buying one of each, I did a tastes test to see if there was a difference in spice, but I did not notice a difference in heat, both had a slight heat to them.  So my last resort was to contact the company and see why they were selling a nearly identical salsa in 2 different cans.

The sales manager at Walker Foods (manufacturer of El Pato Salsas) told me that:

about five years ago we introduced the Red can because a lot of our customers believed the Green can was a Green sauce so along came the Red can.  The heat profile of the red and green cans is a little milder than the yellow can because they use Jalapeños instead of yellow cascabell chilies.

el_pato_red_tomato_sauce_with_jalapenoHope this information help all of you who were wondering the same thing.  I searched high and low on the internet and could nit find any information on the heat level of these three cans.