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9 Oct
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How to ALWAYS Get 30% OFF Domain Registration at GoDaddy.com

How to ALWAYS receive 30% OFF domain registration at Go Daddy:

How to Always get 30 off Godaddy Domain NamesIf you ever purchase domains from GoDaddy.com I’m sure you receive emails from them offering 30% off your next purchase all the time.  Often these coupons make you spend $50-75 to use them.  In my case this doesn’t help, because I am often purchasing just 1 or 2 domains at a time for just years length.  With this little trick you will never have to pay full price for domain registration through Go Daddy anymore!

The other day I was going through the new domain registration process and (while being signed into my GoDaddy account).  I added the domain to my cart and went through the whole checkout process until I got to the page where you enter your payment information.  Then I decided not to buy the domain at that time and just closed the window.

A couple days later I received a coupon code in an email from Go Daddy for 30% off of that domain name I was going to register.

If you do not have a Go Daddy account, just register for one so that they have your email account.  Then follow the steps above, wait a couple days, and you should receive an email from Go Daddy with the coupon code for registering your new domain!

Hope it works for you as well as it has been working for me!