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3 Sep

Get Free $100 By Opening a New Chase Checking Account

Chase Free 100 DollarsOur attempts to make some extra money from this blog haven’t really begun to pay off yet, but we did find another way to make a quick $100. My wife and I recently got married, so we were looking to open a joint checking account together.

A lot of banks are offering free money for opening an account right now but it seems like Wamu/Chase is the best. Not only are they offering more money for signing up a new checking account than most other banks, but all their services are free. You don’t have to worry about buying check, and getting slapped with hidden fees.

I got my Chase $100 dollar coupon here – https://coupon.chaseinformation.com/

Just put in your email address, and the coupon will be in your inbox as soon as you hit submit!

Thanks Chase!