24 Sep
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What is Halo Reach? Is Halo Reach Halo 4?

So what is Halo Reach all about?!Halo 4 Reach

The short trailer that Bungie released for Halo Reach doesn’t really tell you what type of game it is. Is it going to be a first person shorter like Halo 1, Halo 2 and Halo 3, or will it be an arial view, strategy game like Halo Wars, or something different like Halo ODST?

With the recent release of Halo ODST, where you play the roles of elite human United Nations Space Command soldiers known as Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs) during the events of Halo 2 and Halo 3, leads me to believe that they won’t do another game like this right away.

A few months Before Halo ODST was released, Halo Wars came out. That’s 2 games that stray from the regular Halo series game. Neither of which have been as good, or nearly as popular as the regular Halo games.

I believe that Halo Reach will be more or less Halo 4. Bungie needs to get back to their roots after making a couple of games that didn’t quite make it for them.

Why did they title it Halo Reach?
I am not sure on that. Bungie may be trying to move away from the numbering system for the games before they get too high, which I think is a very smart move.

I believe that Halo Reach will be Halo 4, with a whole new story line using Mater Chief!

Let us know what you think Halo Reach is all about, Comment below!

17 Sep
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How to Reset Your Bluetooth Headset, I Can’t Sync My Blue Tooth Up To My Phone

Sync BluetoothI recently got a blue tooth headset given to my by a friend who didn’t need it, but they didn’t remember the pass code to sync the blue tooth headset up with my cell phone. I tried a number of different common number combination but I couldn’t get any of them to work. After I had tried about 10 different code combination I went to the trusty internet!

I discovered that most bluetooth headsets have a standard pass code of (0000).

So if you find that you cannot sync your bluetooth headset up with your cell phone, try (0000) for the code. This code is pretty standard for most blue tooth headsets.

Hope it works for you, it worked for mine!

8 Sep
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My Neighbor’s Dog Keeps Pooping on My Lawn, What Should I Do?

Dog Poop on LawnWe recently moved into a small townhouse in  pretty good neighborhood. All of the townhouses are have grass lawns around them with walkways in between. People walk their dogs on the sidewalk all the time, and of course they poop on the lawns occasionally. Most of the people that live here pick up after their dogs. But when they don’t its frustrating because I have stepped in it when its on my front lawn, and also because I have a dog and some of my close neighbors that see crap on my front lawn constantly probably assume it is our dogs poop, and that we are just not cleaning up after him.

So for the last couple months we kept seeing new dog poop on our front lawn every day or so. One day I was out working on in my yard (which is a small fenced in area, with the gate about 6 feet high). I see one of the neighbors that I see all the tie walking his dog. He never walks him on the leash, he just talk on his phone and strolls up and down the sidewalk, while his dog runs up and down the lawns, peeing and crapping wherever he likes.

While I was out working in my yard I look over the fence to see him and his dog walking up the sidewalk. Then his dog walks right up on my lawn, literally 5 feet way from me, just on the other side of the fence and is about to take a crap. Right when the owner sees that his dog is about to poop, he turns his back, like he didn’t see anything and just begins walking on back the other way.  When the dog finishes, it just runs right on back in the direction his owner is going, like nothing ever happened.

I don’t want to get into any problems with my neighbors or anything, but I don’t want dog crap constantly on my lawn. This is annoying for me because I have stepped in it, and I don’t want my close surrounding neighbors thinking its my dog. What should I do about this? How do I go about stopping my neighbors dog from pooping on my lawn without causing bad blood?

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jowens/2458027175/