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14 Oct
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Google Voice Voicemail Sends Callers to System Standard Recording Even Though I have It Set to a Custom Voicemail

I have set up a Google Voice account and everything seemed to be working great for me. I recorded a custom voicemail greeting and have that set for all my calls in the settings for my Google voice account. When I call, I hear the custom voicemail just fine, so I thought it was working fine. But when I make a call from a friends phone or someone else’s phone, it seems to revert to the “System Standard” Voice mail greeting. This is frustrating because a lot of people who are calling think that they have the wrong phone number.

I even tried to turn off all the call screening options as well, but still it doesn’t play my recorded Google voicemail greeting when other callers call.

I have the account set on “Do Not Disturb” because I am using the phone number for a voicemail answering service. So I need to have my custom greeting when people call so that they know that they are calling the right number. Right now all that the callers hear is “The Google voice subscriber is not available, please leave a message after the tone.” So people think they have the wrong number without hearing my custom voicemail greeting.

If you have any idea how to fix this problem please let me know by posting a comment.


7 Oct
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How to Change Your Google Voice Phone Number, How to Release Your Phone Number From Google Voice

Google_voice_logoI finally figured it out! Google has been killing me with this problem for months now and I was finally able to get my Google Voice number changed even thoughI didn’t have access to that account anymore.

To read the full story of what happened with my Google Voice Phone Number and account click HERE. If you don’t want to read the whole story ill just give you a little summary:

A few months ago I created a Google Voice account and got a phone number hooked up to my cell phone. After I had done that I decided I wanted to change it and get a different Google Voice phone number. So when I got a new number on Google voice and tried to set it to my cell phone, but it kept telling me that “there was already a Google Voice phone number associated with that phone.” It wouldn’t let me override the old number. Nothing seemed to work, so I just decided to delete the Google Voice account all together in hopes that the Google Voice Phone number would also be erased from my cell phone. It didn’t. Now I Wasn’t able to access the account and was stuck with that Google voice phone number attached top my cell phone.This went on for weeks trying to get some support from Google, and trying to override the old phone number with a new one, but nothing worked.

Finally, today I tried it again. I just typed my cell phone number into the new Google Voice Number that i wanted and it worked perfectly. It overrides the old Google Voice Number no problem.

The only thing that I can think of is that Google did not allow or have the capabilities to override your old numbers a couple months ago. They seem to now. So if you find your self in the same situation, just create another Google Voice account and Number, and have it dial the phone that you want it on and it will override the old Google Voice Number. That’s all!

17 Sep
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How to Reset Your Bluetooth Headset, I Can’t Sync My Blue Tooth Up To My Phone

Sync BluetoothI recently got a blue tooth headset given to my by a friend who didn’t need it, but they didn’t remember the pass code to sync the blue tooth headset up with my cell phone. I tried a number of different common number combination but I couldn’t get any of them to work. After I had tried about 10 different code combination I went to the trusty internet!

I discovered that most bluetooth headsets have a standard pass code of (0000).

So if you find that you cannot sync your bluetooth headset up with your cell phone, try (0000) for the code. This code is pretty standard for most blue tooth headsets.

Hope it works for you, it worked for mine!