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22 Jul
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Vizio TV Audio Sound Cuts Out When Quiet For A Few Seconds

So after resolving the video lag from my xbox to the new Vizio TV I noticed another problem that was going on.  The sounds seemed to cut out randomly.

I first noticed this when the we were streaming a movie through Netflix on Xbox live.  We were watching a movie and everything was going great. And we noticed that when the movie got to a quiet spot, where there was very little to no sound or movement in the film, the speakers sounded like they would just switch off on the TV all together.  It is pretty annoying because even when there is no sound going on in the movie, the TV usually has a very low static noise that comes out of ithe speakers still.  But with this new Vizio TV, it’s as if it recognizes that no sound it being input into it and the speakers shut off.  So you go from hearing a very low static (which is fine), to hearing the speakers click off and you can’t hear anything.  Then when someone speaks again, or there is some sort of noise in the movie, you hear the speakers click back on and its usually slightly delayed so the voice gets chopped a little.

This is very annoying and I am hoping that there is a way to turn this function off.  I would rather just have the consistent low static sound coming through the speakers constantly, than have the sound keep cutting in and out.

I haven’t found a way to resolve this issue yet, so if you know any way to prevent this from happening, please post a comment below!


SOLUTION: In comment below!

17 Jul
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Vizio TV Lag When Playing Video Games on Xbox or Playstation

So I just bought a new Vizio 42″ LDC 1080P HDTV, and hooked my xbox 360 up to it last night. I couldn’t wait to see how the picture quality had changed from having my old projection tv which was only 1080i to this new one! So I popped in my favorite game Halo 3 and hopped online to play a couple games.  Right away i noticed something was wrong.  It was extremely difficult to kill anyone.  It was like someone else was controlling the game for me.  I coudn’t figure out what was going on at first, but then it hit me.  The response time from the games controller was about a half sec later to display on the TV.  This made it damn near impossible to kill any of the opposing players.  My aim was always a half second behind where the enemy was moving.  This was getting so frustrating and made me not even want to play the game.  I knew there had to be some kind of setting to fix this though.

How to fix Vizio TV Lag from your Gaming System (Xbox or PLaystation)
All you need to do to fix this problem on is change one little setting in the Video settings on your tv.  This may be different for every TV, but in mine its just switchig a setting called “Fast Response.”  By default this is off, so the response time from your games controller to the tv lags a little.  So for a Vizio tv, just go to Menu – Picture – More – Fast Response, and turn the Fast Response to ON.  Thats all it takes!  Now plays video games on this tv is great!   What a differense it makes going from 1080i to 1080p!!

14 Jan
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The Easy Way to Start Your Own Web Site

The Easy Way to Start Your Own Web Site

In this day in age, it seems like everything is online and everybody has a website. But not all websites are good. In fact over half of the websites that I visit on a day-to-day basis are downright terrible. From the look and style, to the functionality of it. Most people who start a website are doing it to promote a business or product, so they just look for the cheapest way to get their name and contact information on the web. Thinking that if someone sees their contact information on the Internet, then they will call or email if they are interested in that product or service. That is true for some of the time, but for a lot of people they won’t bother going that far. When I come across a trashy website I ask myself, “Does this company do work, or make their products as poorly as they made their website? This site looks like trash, am I going to get trash from them?” You want to promote yourself or your business in a clean, professional way.

There are lots of easy ways to do this now, without spending a lot of money! You can start a website for cheap and have it look like you spent thousands of dollars on it. There are tons of open source solutions for web design now that you can find that will help you to customize and build your own website with ease. A very good award winning content management system is Joomla Website Developers give you all the tools you need to build and manage your own website, and most importantly get that clean and professional look you need!

There are tons of different tools like Joomla out there, so shop around and see which one would work best for you and your business!