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4 Jan
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A Cool New Rescued Dog Blog, California Dog Rescue

California Dog Rescue
Hey everyone, just wanted to Spread the word on my buddies new rescued dog blog. He started this just a couple months ago, so it is still in the beginning stages, but it is a great idea, and really starting to come together. The Site is called the Rescued Pooper. The Rescued Poop is a support group for dogs that have been rescued or abandoned and dogs that are currently looking for a new home. Our goal is to tell the story of each poop saved from abandonment, abuse, or neglect.

The site is basically just a collaboration of stories from different dog owners who have rescued or adopted abandoned dogs. It is very cool, you can submit a story for your dog along with a couple pictures of him/her. Also it is great if there is a dog in need of a home and trying to find a good owner for it. Post your dogs story HERE at the Rescued Pooper!

I already submitted my dogs story there. Check him out, his name is Captain!