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3 Sep

Get Free $100 By Opening a New Chase Checking Account

Chase Free 100 DollarsOur attempts to make some extra money from this blog haven’t really begun to pay off yet, but we did find another way to make a quick $100. My wife and I recently got married, so we were looking to open a joint checking account together.

A lot of banks are offering free money for opening an account right now but it seems like Wamu/Chase is the best. Not only are they offering more money for signing up a new checking account than most other banks, but all their services are free. You don’t have to worry about buying check, and getting slapped with hidden fees.

I got my Chase $100 dollar coupon here –

Just put in your email address, and the coupon will be in your inbox as soon as you hit submit!

Thanks Chase!

23 Aug

Trying to Get By in Today’s Economy By Blogging, Pay Per Post Denied My Blog

So far our attempts to make a little extra money by starting this website and blogging haven’t gone very far. We signed up for Google adsense, but we wont see any real income through that until we get a good amount of traffic coming through our site. So we tried to sign up for, thinking we could write a few articles throughout the week and earn a few bucks that way. After submitting our site, we learned to much disappointment that we were rejected from PayPerPost because of the following reasons.

This is the email that i received from them –

Unfortunately, blogs must be active for at least 90 days in order to participate, as per our terms of service.   Remember, a blog must have at least 20 pre-existing original clearly written posts in the last 90 days prior to using our service. Please re-submit when the requirements are met.  In the meantime, feel free to use PPP Direct and Affiliate tools while you work on meeting the requirements of our Marketplace!

This was kind of a bummer to find out. We are just trying to make a little side income, and if we want to use Pay Per Post, we will have to wait 90 days, and have at least 20 posts up. The 20 posts in 90 won’t be a problem, I think we are about half way there after a week of having our blog up, it’s just the time limit that is unfortunate. I think Pay Per Post should allow bloggers with over 20 posts to participate in their service, even if their site is not over 90 days old. If they can get 20 legitimate posts up before 90 days, that shows more determination and drive than you will see on most sites. There isn’t much we can do about that now, so I guess we will just try again in 90 days and hope we get accepted then. And in the meantime search for some other ways to make money by blogging.

Check back for updates and reviews on our attempts at other money making blog opportunities!

19 Aug
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Just Trying To Get By in a Bad Economy, Making Ends Meet in a Recession

The Definition of a recession is the reduction of a country’s gross domestic product for at least two quarters (Wikipedia).

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, The United States began it’s current recession in December of 2007.

When our economy will break free from the current economic recession is unknown. The Great Depression lasted roughly 10 years. And we have seen many smaller recessions since then, that did not last nearly that long. I don’t believe that our current recession will last too much longer. Hopefully we can see things turn around for the U.S. Economy in the next year or two. But in the meantime…

In an attempt to offset the decrease in income due to the downward spiral of our economy, I have decided to start a blog with hopes of earning back a little of what has been lost. I’m sure everyone reading this can appreciate our situation and may be able to spread some light on how to be more successful with this. Feel free to post any comments or suggestions on our blog.

Our blog will focus on a variety of subjects, from financial tips and tricks, Health related issues, food and drink recipes, Electronic and gaming information, and a variety of other everyday useful information. All in an attempt to help us get by this recession.