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14 Jul
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My Dog Has Diarrhea After Changing His Food, Can Changing a Dog’s Diet Cause Diarrhea?

Can changing a dog’s diet cause diarrhea?

Recently I switched my dogs food just to change it up for him. I figured he has to be sick of the stuff he has been eating for 4 years now… I’m sick of it, and I don’t even have to eat it! (haha) All kidding aside, I switched his food to a similar type of mixture (both were mainly lamb and rice) so I figured it would be fine.

He has been eating it fine with not problems. He had solid stools for about a week, now all the sudden he has been having extremely bad diarrhea for about 2 days straight. The stool is so soft that it is barley being held together, and appears to have mucus or slime in the diarrhea as well.

I did notice that this new dog food is quite a bit oilier/greasier than the last one that we had. Could the extra oil/grease in this new food be making it too hard for him to digest, causing the diarrhea?

I am a little concerned that something else is causing these symptoms because he was fine for about a week eating this new food. And now he starts having this runny diarrhea. Can it take a week or so after a dog’s diet change to start effecting them? Or should I be worried that he picked up some kind of a stomach parasite?

Our dog has not been in contact with many other dogs lately either, so I am not sure if he would have been able to pick up a parasite from another dog.

If anyone else has had this same problem, please fell free to post a comment below. I will be changing my dog’s food back to the old kind tonight, so if that fixes the problem I will let everyone know.

1 Jul
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Red Spot on Nose of Dog, Red Irritated Nostril

About a week ago, my dog who is 3 years old developed a hot spot on the inside of one of his back legs.  I kept it as clean as possible and applied some neosporin, and hydrocortisone cream to it a couple times a day.  It started to get better, but then I noticed something was wrong with his nose yesterday.

This may be completely unrelated, not sure.  My dog has a full black nose, and inside one of his nostrils, the black looked like it was starting to peel away. Now there is a pinkish red skin spot exposed in and around the outside of his right nostril.  That nostril is a little inflamed and wet inside, where the other is dry and normal looking.  Could this have been caused from him licking and biting at his hot spot too much?

If not the only other thing that I can think of is that a couple days ago, I came home and he was trying to play with a bee that was on the ground in our yard.  If he got stung by the bee, could this be a reaction to that?  He never acted like anything was wrong, and I never saw a stinger in his nose.

Another thought was that I had taken him to the beach 3 days before.  This was his first time there for a long period of time.  He was playing in the water and out in the sun for about 3-4 hours.  Could too much sun have harmed his nose?

Today I went to the Vet, and she didn’t have much information for me.  She just game me some cream for both his hotspot and nose.  She speaks very broken English, and didn’t seem like she knew what the problem was with his nose. She just said that he needs sunscreen on his nose when in the sun for a long period of time.

If anyone has any ides what could have caused this, please post a comment below.

8 Sep
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My Neighbor’s Dog Keeps Pooping on My Lawn, What Should I Do?

Dog Poop on LawnWe recently moved into a small townhouse in  pretty good neighborhood. All of the townhouses are have grass lawns around them with walkways in between. People walk their dogs on the sidewalk all the time, and of course they poop on the lawns occasionally. Most of the people that live here pick up after their dogs. But when they don’t its frustrating because I have stepped in it when its on my front lawn, and also because I have a dog and some of my close neighbors that see crap on my front lawn constantly probably assume it is our dogs poop, and that we are just not cleaning up after him.

So for the last couple months we kept seeing new dog poop on our front lawn every day or so. One day I was out working on in my yard (which is a small fenced in area, with the gate about 6 feet high). I see one of the neighbors that I see all the tie walking his dog. He never walks him on the leash, he just talk on his phone and strolls up and down the sidewalk, while his dog runs up and down the lawns, peeing and crapping wherever he likes.

While I was out working in my yard I look over the fence to see him and his dog walking up the sidewalk. Then his dog walks right up on my lawn, literally 5 feet way from me, just on the other side of the fence and is about to take a crap. Right when the owner sees that his dog is about to poop, he turns his back, like he didn’t see anything and just begins walking on back the other way.  When the dog finishes, it just runs right on back in the direction his owner is going, like nothing ever happened.

I don’t want to get into any problems with my neighbors or anything, but I don’t want dog crap constantly on my lawn. This is annoying for me because I have stepped in it, and I don’t want my close surrounding neighbors thinking its my dog. What should I do about this? How do I go about stopping my neighbors dog from pooping on my lawn without causing bad blood?

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