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29 Jun
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Pre-Order Halo 4, Halo 4 Release Date, Halo 4 Official Trailer

Ooh yes!  Halo 4 is coming!

It has been announced that Halo 4 for the Xbox 360 will be released during the Holiday Season of 2012.  Seems like a long wait, but its just over a year from now.

In the meantime, you can Pre-Order Halo 4 from amazon from  I did this for Halo Reach and got my copy the day that it was released in all the stores, plus I saved a few bucks, and got a free giftcard to use on Amazon for my next gaming purchase!  I would definitely recommend doing this for Halo 4!

So for now, Pre-Order your copy of Halo 4 and check out the Halo 4 Trailers, and stay tuned for news, updates and new trailers as we get closer to the release date of the best game ever


16 Jun
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How to get Blue Flaming Helmet on Halo Reach

Oh yes!  Its here, and its free!!  The mysterious Blue Flaming Helmet for Halo Reach!!

This has been discussed for a long time, whether the blue flaming armor helmet even exists! Turns out it does, and Bungie finally released it for free!

All you need to do is:

1. Have a ipod or iphone

2. Download the Bungie Mobil App

3. Activate the Blue Flaming Helmet!

Its that easy!!

PLUS… you are able to gift  the all-star emblem for behind your gamer tag to 7 of your friends!

Cheers!  See you on the battlefield!

2 Dec
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Halo Reach: Booted for Accidental Betrayal, Banned From Accidentally Betraying

Alright… Bungie has got to do something about this.  I have been booted from too many games over stupid accidental betrayals.

If you get one or two betrayals while playing Halo Reach online in a fairly short amount of time (couple hours) the system remembers that you have betrayed your own team and for the rest of the time that you are playing, and if you accidentally betray someone on your team, they will ALWAYS have the option to boot you!  This is F!#&%ing retarded!!!  Bungie needs to do something about this soon.  There are too many jack asses out there that just want to boot people just because they can. The problem is when someone on your teams boots a decent player for an accidental betrayal, your team is now at a great disadvantage and chances are you will now loose the whole game because you are out-manned.  I don’t want my team to lose a good player because of one bad grenade throw or rouge rocket.

Can’t bungie recognize if you are shooting your own team deliberately?  They can track how many bullets you shoot and where you shot your opponents (i.e. “killed with a headshot”). So, they should be able to recognize if you have a high percentage of your bullets hitting your own team compared to your opponents.  If someone is trying to kill their own teammate constantly, they I say, yes, ALWAYS give your teammates the option to boot you.  But if you are getting an accidental betrayal once in a while, let it slide, or reset the clock on it more often!

I think a good way to solve this is just put a 2 betrayal cap on all new games.  If you betray someone more than once in one game, the second time you do it, give them the option to boot you.  At least that way if you start a new game and get one accidental betrayal on a game you are trying to win, you don’t get booted.

Most peole are playing to have fun and win, not to get kicked out of a game for a bad grenade toss.  Bungie needs to handle this situation along with many other things for Halo Reach real soon!

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