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30 Apr
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Free Tucker Max Book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

Just wanted to throw up a post for

Very cool site with tons of drink recipes, drinking games, Funny Drunk Pictures, Drunk Dial Messages and anything drinking related.

Also, righ now they are going to be giving away a free Tucker Max book after they get 500 followers on twitter.  And they will be giving away more prizes as they get more followers after that! So stay tuned and start following them!

Start following SofaKingDrunk HERE for a chance to win a free copy of this hysterical book!

11 Jan

Going for the Sunday Cruise in Southern California

Yesterday, my wife and were out for typical Sunday Cruise on our bikes. Usually we like to travel on the Pacific Coast Highway down to Malibu, and stop off at a restaurant for drinks and lunch. One of our favorite spots to stop and eat at and just enjoy the view of the ocean is Neptune’s Net.  This place is the best for a day out in Southern California! Enjoy the beautiful view and the great food with some friends here if you get a chance!

Then after about an hour of relaxing there, we headed out, and decided to go North up the PCH. We didn’t have a particular place in mind where we wanted to go next, so we just started going.  Right when you kick off in First Gear and feel that ocean breeze in your face, you never want to leave this place. Southern California Beaches are great. I mean come one, we are in the middle of January and it was in the 70’s yesterday, sunny and barley any clouds in the sky. That is why I will always live here! You can’t beat our weather.

After driving for a while we decided to stop off up in Santa Barbara. We walked a long the pier, and sat on the beach for the sunset that evening.  All-in-all I have to say that this was one of the best summer days to go cruising, but it was in January! If you haven’t cruised around Southern California, along the PCH, I highly recommend it!

12 Nov
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Hidden Pictures in the Movie Sunshine

So I was watching this really bad movie this weekend Called Sunshine. It definitely had some potential, but overall I give it a 2.5 out of 5.  Anyways, while watching it about 44 minutes into the movies, the crew aboard the spaceship walks into a dark area where all you can see is pretty much their silhouettes and their flashlights shining around in their hands.

All the sudden when the flashlight crosses right in front you the camera and shines directly into the screen, you see a weird image flash on the screen for just a split second. At first it caught me a a little off guard, thinking… “What the hell was that?!” But then it happened again right after that, and then one more time!

So I froze the movie on those exact frames to see what the images were that were flashing so fast on the screen. Below are a images of the hidden pictures that you will see in the movie Sunshine.

This happens again later in the movie too, but I didn’t bother taking a picture of the next one. I don’t know who these people are supposed to be. They all look like they are wearing Lei’s in Hawaii or something.

If you know what this is all about please post a comment explaining. Cause I am really confused why anyone would put these lame pictures in their movie.

Sunshine Hidden Picture_1Sunshine Hidden Picture_2Sunshine Hidden Picture_3