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17 Sep
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Halo Reach: Skull Location List and Skull Effects

Below is a list of all the Skulls in Halo Reach Campaign mode. There are not any skulls to find anymore though.  Bungie has unlocked all of them from the begining of the game.  But they did hide data pads around throughout the game to find.   Stay tuned for a list of all the datapad locations!

If you are looking for a list of the data pad locations click here.

Halo Reach Skull List:

Primary Skulls
• Iron Skull
• Black Eye Skull
• Tough Luck Skull
• Catch Skull
• Cloud Skull
• Famine Skull
• Thunderstorm Skull
• Tilt Skull
• Mythic Skull

Secondary Skulls:
• Blind Skull
• Cowbell Skull
• Grunt Birthday Skull
• IWHBYD Skull

Skull Locations and Effects:

Iron Skull

Skull Effect: Reload checkpoint if teammate dies. Restart level if first player dies.

Black Eye Skull

Skull Effect: No auto-shield regeneration, only when you melee attach an enemy.

Tough Luck Skull

Skull Effect: Needler fire, grenades projectiles (ie. Rocket Launcher, Brute Shot) and vehicular attacks are more easily evaded by the AI. Brutes go Berserk and Grunts will turn Kamikaze more often.

Catch Skull

Skull Effect: NPCs throw twice as many grenades. NPCs always drop two grenades when dying.

Cloud Skull

Skull Effect: Motion Tracker is fully disabled.

Famine Skull

Skull Effect: Dropped weapons have much less ammunition.

Thunderstorm Skull

Skull Effect: All enemies are more difficult.

Tilt Skull

Skull Effect: Enemy defensive resistances/weaknesses are increased.

Mythic Skull

Skull Effect: All NPC’s health is doubled.

Blind Skull

Skull Effect: Your entire Heads-Up Display is disabled. You can’t see your weapon, shield meter, motion sensor or ammo/grenades.

Grunt Birthday Skull

Skull Effect: If a Grunt is shot in the head colorful confetti explodes out of it which causes minor damage to nearby enemies, and a sound clip of cheering can be heard in the background.

Cowbell Skull

Skull Effect: Physics effects are tripled. Explosions and melee attacks launch characters and objects farther. Damage does not increase.


Skull Effect: Unlocks new, funny, or unusual dialogue for the characters.

15 Sep
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Home Brewing: How to Get the Rubber Stopper Out of a Glasss Carboy

A few weeks back I had transferred my beer from the primary fermenter into the secondary fermenter Glass Carboy.

After all the beer was transferred to bottles and ready for the stopper and airlock, I proceeded to put it in place.  The stopper, and the glass carboy were both wet, so when I applied a little pressure to the stopper to fit onto the carboy, it shot right through the opening and into the beer.

I didn’t have a choice but to tape up the top of the carboy with the airlock in place.  It worked well though!

Once it came time to get the stopper out, I was a little nervous to how I was going to do it, but it turned out to be pretty easy to get a rubber stopper out of a glass carboy.

How to get a Rubber Stopper out of a Glass Carboy
Once you are done transferring all your beer from the glass carboy into bottles, rinse out the inside of the carboy.  Easy to do outside with a hose.

Once the carboy is all rinsed out, just grab a pair of needle nose pliers. Hold the glass carboy upside down so that the rubber stopper will come as close to the opening as possible. You may have to juggle it up and down a little to get it into the right position to grab.

Get the rubber stopper so that the hole in the center is facing down, towards the opening of the carboy.  Stick your pliers into the carboy and have on of the ends of the needle nose pliers go through the hole in the rubber stopper, and have the other go on the outside of the stopper.  Squeeze tight and yank it out.

It should slip right out, but make sure the glass and the rubber stopper are both wet.  If its dry, you will have some trouble getting that thing out.

Good luck… and don’t feel dumb, it happens to the best of us when learning how to brew at home!

Home Brewing Equipment

14 Sep
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New Halo Reach Maps Same as Old Halo 2 Maps, Reflection, Pinnacle, Hemorrhage

Exciting stuff!!!  Bungie brought back a couple great maps from Halo 2 for the new Halo Reach game.  Of course each of the maps have some slight differences from the originals in Halo 2, but they are still the same. I am stoked to see these maps back in action. These 3 were among the best maps ever put out by Bungie for the series of halo games, and made me wonder why they never remade them for Halo 3.  When you have great maps that people like, recreate them for the most recent game!

But now it is great to have the new Forge World in Halo Reach, because you can pretty much recreate any map ever built!  And put your own twist on it, fix things that Bungie may not have thought of.  and you aren’t as limited to the the plots of land you can chose from.  They possibilities seem endless for the new forge world in Halo reach.  But for now, I am just happy to have some of these great classic Halo maps back in the mix!!

Check out the screen-shot comparisons below and see if you remember some of these old maps from Halo and Halo 2 compared to the new Halo Reach Maps!

The new map REFLECTION on Halo Reach
is the same as IVORY TOWER from Halo 2.

The new map PINNACLE from Halo Reach
is the same as ASCENSION from Halo 2.(Best map ever for Halo 2

The new map HEMORRHAGE is the same map from the original
Halo and Halo 2 formally known as BLOOD GULTCH or COAGULATION.

It’s always great to look back at the some of these old games, and their graphics compared to what we are used to playing on now. My favorite is the Hemmorrhage vs. Blood Gultch picture.  Look at the detail in the mountain side, the rocks, the grass, and the angles that were used.  Halo graphics have come a long way.  Its funny how you really don’t notice this stuff completely until you see them side-by-side.