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10 Sep
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GoDaddy and and Countless Websites Down – GoDaddy Hacked Along with GoDaddy Bought Domains

Today a a hacktivist group has hacked and completely taken down GoDaddy along with countless websites who have purchased their domain names through godaddy.  A group refereed to as AnonOpsLegion, seems to be responsible for taking down Go Daddy.

Recent Article from thenextwebcom:

A member of the Anonymous hacktivist group appears to have taken down GoDaddy with a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). The widespread issue seems to be affecting countless websites and services around the world, although not for everyone. is down, but so are some of the site’s DNS servers, which means GoDaddy hosted e-mail accounts are down as well, and lots more. It’s currently unclear if the servers are being unresponsive or if they are completely offline. Either way, the result is that if your DNS is hosted on GoDaddy, your site may also look as if it is down, because it cannot resolve.

Here’s the tweet that started it all, courtesy of AnonOpsLegion, which has some 3,900 followers on Twitter: | by @AnonymousOwn3r |

AnonymousOwn3r is claiming sole responsibility for the attack, which is why we haven’t seen this tweeted out by much bigger Twitter accounts such as YourAnonNews (over 628,000 followers) or AnonOps (over 299,000 followers). Either way, this is being done under the “Anonymous” name even if the main communication channels aren’t being used to announce it (though I’m pretty sure they will catch on soon enough).

Click here to read full article and see more updates on the Go Daddy Hacking

26 Apr
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What Do I Need to Start Kegging Home Brewed Beer?

After brewing for many years and becoming sick of bottling 50+ beers everytime I brewed a 5 gallon batch of beer, I was ready for an easier and better way to carbonate my homebrew! Not to mention waiting that extra couple of weeks for the beer to carbonate in the bottles.  That’s another 2+ weeks of time waiting for your beer to become ready to drink, when you could already be drinking it the day after it is done fermenting!

So I decided to try kegging my homebrew. I was a little intimidated at first with all the new equipment, but after seeing the simplicity of it, and how much easier it is than bottling I will never go back to bottling!

What you need to start kegging your home brewed beer:

  1. 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg (Ball or Pin Lock)
  2. CO2 Tank
  3. Dual Gauge Pressure Regulator
  4. Gas Line and attached Disconnect
  5. Beer line assembly with party tap and disconnect

I know if you have never done this, you are thinking “I don’t even know what those things are that I need.”  But not to fear, there are plenty of homebrew keg kits out there, that come fully assembled and with EVERYTHING you need to start kegging your homebrew!

What to do:

  1. Remove your keg lid, rinse out and fill with sanitized solution.
  2. Place lid back on keg and attach your gas-in line and pressurize to 5-10psi just for 5-10 seconds to get some pressure in the keg.
  3. Attach your beer-out line and open the tap to allow for sanitizer to flow out. Once sanitizer has run through your keg lines for a minute or so, open the keg and empty any additional sanitizer. Remove your beer line now also.
  4. Transfer your homebrew into the keg, attach the lid, and add some CO2 to ensure good seal with the lid. (Note: Before transferring your beer to the keg, make sure your beer has is cold.  CO2 will take to cold liquids better than warm ones. I do this by placing my fermenter in the fridge the night before I keg the beer).
  5. Lay keg on its side, crank your CO2 up to about 15-25psi and roll/shake keg back and forth for 5-6 minutes or until you hear your keg stop “gurgling”.
  6. Stand keg upright and place keg in your refrigerator, leave gas line attached and open at 15-25 psi for 24 hours.
  7. After about 24 hours, release some pressure and set the PSI to about 6-10psi.
  8. Re-attach black beer line assembly, grab a glass and enjoy yourself a nice homebrew!

That’s all there is to it!  You will have carbonated beer within 24 hours of kegging it, not weeks!

This is by no means the only way to keg your home brewed beer, but it is the fastest!  So if you are impatient like I am, and want to taste your beer as soon as possible, this is the way to go!  Take it from me, once you start kegging and see how easy and great it is, you will never want to bottle your home brewed beer again!


13 Apr
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Keg Outlet – Home Kegging Kits and Commercial Kegging Supplies

A new keg website was just launched and is one of the best out there!  It is called Keg Outlet, a sister company of Brew PS (Home Brewing Supplies).

The online keg supply store specializes in home kegging kits and home kegging equipment for both commercial kegs and hombrew kegs.  This store has got everything you are looking for, whether you need a whole keg set-up to start kegging your home brewed beer at home (Cornelius keg, Co2 tank, Regulator, Beer and Co2 Hoses, Draft Beer Faucet, etc.) or you just need a cool new commercial keg tap for your next party!  Or maybe you are just looking for replacement parts for your existing keg system, whatever it may be, chances are they have got it!

They have cool party taps that feature pump handles, hand pumps, foot pumps, and even 2 and 3 way dispensing party taps!  Don’t throw another party where you have a line waiting at the keg because you only have one tap.  Get a new Party Tap with multiple faucets so you can have a few people filling their beers at the same time!

Plus, as a bonus to their already great prices, Keg Outlet is celebrating the launch of their new site by offering you 5% OFF your entire order!  This coupon is good through all of 2012!  Just type in this coupon code when you are going through the checkout – 5OFFKEG12

If you are a home brewer who still bottles beer, its time to make the switch!
“Stop Bottling, Start Kegging!”