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26 Jul
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Smells Like Gas Under My Stove – How to Find Gas Leak

SAMSUNGWe moved into a new house last year, which has built in stove top on one of the counters.  Below the stove are some cupboards that we keep our pots and pans.

Ever sense we moved in, you could smell gas every time that you opened and closed the doors below the stove.  We knew that there was a small leak somewhere, we just couldn’t tell where.

Finally we decided to do something about it.  We were sick of smelling natural gas and worrying about breathing it in while in the kitchen.  Or even worse, the fear of our kitchen blowing up if this leak is actually much worse than we originally thought it was.

So I decided to order some Gas Leak Detector with Spray from Amazon.  Upon receiving it, I immediately tested it out.  This particular leak detection agent came with a spray top, while others will come with a cotton ball style swab.  Either way, works just as well.

So I sprayed all the joints and connection pieces where the gas pipe comes out of the wall and connects to the under side of the stove.  After a few seconds the leak was very apparent.  There was a small mountain of bubbles forming at the bottom of the nut that is on the connection hose.  The seal must have been compromised upon original instillation.

It turned out to be an easy fix, I just needed to go buy a new gas hose and replace the old one.

Gas Leak Detector with Spray turned out to be a great buy!  Much better than paying the Gas Company to come out and fix it!

Buy Gas Leak Detection Spray


5 Mar
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Safari Mountain Lion OSX – Move Close Tab Button to Right Side of Tab

Mountain Lion OSX Safari - Close Tab ButtonI recently upgraded my home computer to Mountain Lion OSX and am loving it, but there is one thing that has been really frustrating to me.  In the new Safari web browser, they moved the “close tab” X button from the right side of the tab to the left.  On all previous versions of Safari it had been on the right side.  Also, on pretty much all the other web browsers; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc., the close tab button is on the right side.

So now when I am using my new computer at home, I always look to the right side of the tab for the close tab button.  Takes me a second or two longer to figure out where it has moved to, which is not that big of a deal, but it is really annoying.  My work computer uses Firefox, so all day, 5 days a week, for 8 hours a day I am conditioned to see the close tab button the right.  Then when I get home and its on the left it really frustrates me.

I have been trying to look for a way to switch the side of the tab that the close box is on, but have had no luck.  I think it is really dumb that Apple just decided to switch that after years of having it on the right side.  I hope their only reasoning wasn’t strictly just to be different and change things up.

Mountain Lion Safari - Close Tab Button
(Above is a sample of what most web browsers look like with the “Close Tab” button on the right side of the tab)

If anyone has come across a way to move the close tab buttons from the left side to the right side in OSX Mountain Lion, please post a comment below.  If it doesn’t look like there is a solution to this, I will definitely be using Firefox or Chrome at home from now on.

Funny how such a simple thing like this can discourage users and potentially loose clients.  Sometimes change just isn’t needed.

1 Feb
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Gmail Canned Responses Disappearing

Gmail Canned Responses MissingI am an avid user of Gmail’s Canned Response system. I have about 5 that I use almost daily.  The other day I logged into my gmail account via the computer and they were all gone!  I thought that google may have updated something so they got removed.  So I went ahead and loaded them all again.  The next day they were missing again!  This got really frustrating after a few days of it happening until I discovered what was causing the canned responses to be deleted.  I was deleting them with knowing it :-/

Why Gmail Canned Responses are Being Deleted:
I have a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone.  I use the Gmail app on there daily, and while the canned responses are not accessible on the phone, I am still able to send and receive emails.  While using the Gmail app on my phone, I went into the drafts folder and noticed about 6 or 7 drafts in there.  I knew that I was not in the middle of typing any important emails, so I went ahead and deleted them.  The next time I logged into Gmail on a computer the canned responses were missing.

Somehow the Gmail app on the smart phone shows the saves Canned Responses in the “Drafts” folded.  So if you delete these drafts, your canned responses will be deleted from your Gmail account.  I thought this was very strange since these “Canned Responses” do not show up in your “Drafts” folder when you are logged into your Gmail account on a computer.

So if you see draft emails in your “Drafts” folder within your smartphone Gmail App, make sure you know what they are before deleting them!

Hope this help relieve some frustration for you.  I know I was about to rip my hair out after having to re-input my Canned Responses a few times.