26 Jul
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Smells Like Gas Under My Stove – How to Find Gas Leak

SAMSUNGWe moved into a new house last year, which has built in stove top on one of the counters.  Below the stove are some cupboards that we keep our pots and pans.

Ever sense we moved in, you could smell gas every time that you opened and closed the doors below the stove.  We knew that there was a small leak somewhere, we just couldn’t tell where.

Finally we decided to do something about it.  We were sick of smelling natural gas and worrying about breathing it in while in the kitchen.  Or even worse, the fear of our kitchen blowing up if this leak is actually much worse than we originally thought it was.

So I decided to order some Gas Leak Detector with Spray from Amazon.  Upon receiving it, I immediately tested it out.  This particular leak detection agent came with a spray top, while others will come with a cotton ball style swab.  Either way, works just as well.

So I sprayed all the joints and connection pieces where the gas pipe comes out of the wall and connects to the under side of the stove.  After a few seconds the leak was very apparent.  There was a small mountain of bubbles forming at the bottom of the nut that is on the connection hose.  The seal must have been compromised upon original instillation.

It turned out to be an easy fix, I just needed to go buy a new gas hose and replace the old one.

Gas Leak Detector with Spray turned out to be a great buy!  Much better than paying the Gas Company to come out and fix it!

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