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Gmail Canned Responses Disappearing

Gmail Canned Responses MissingI am an avid user of Gmail’s Canned Response system. I have about 5 that I use almost daily.  The other day I logged into my gmail account via the computer and they were all gone!  I thought that google may have updated something so they got removed.  So I went ahead and loaded them all again.  The next day they were missing again!  This got really frustrating after a few days of it happening until I discovered what was causing the canned responses to be deleted.  I was deleting them with knowing it :-/

Why Gmail Canned Responses are Being Deleted:
I have a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone.  I use the Gmail app on there daily, and while the canned responses are not accessible on the phone, I am still able to send and receive emails.  While using the Gmail app on my phone, I went into the drafts folder and noticed about 6 or 7 drafts in there.  I knew that I was not in the middle of typing any important emails, so I went ahead and deleted them.  The next time I logged into Gmail on a computer the canned responses were missing.

Somehow the Gmail app on the smart phone shows the saves Canned Responses in the “Drafts” folded.  So if you delete these drafts, your canned responses will be deleted from your Gmail account.  I thought this was very strange since these “Canned Responses” do not show up in your “Drafts” folder when you are logged into your Gmail account on a computer.

So if you see draft emails in your “Drafts” folder within your smartphone Gmail App, make sure you know what they are before deleting them!

Hope this help relieve some frustration for you.  I know I was about to rip my hair out after having to re-input my Canned Responses a few times.


  • I didnt even know such thing existed, so I googled exactly what a canned response is.

    Found this: http://productforums.google.com/forum/m/#!category-topic/gmail/composing-and-sending-messages/o0rQe5DnzZo

    Turns out it was never supported for mobile use, and the magic disappearing act has been a known issue since 2009, that google doesn’t seem too concerned about addressing ;(

  • This is EXACTLY what happened to me, too. I didn’t understand why — but now I do. Thanks!

  • Thanks! This is exactly what happened to me except I deleted the drafts from my iPad. I guess the lesson is don’t throw away the drafts on your mobile devices if you use Gmail and Canned Responses.

  • Good grief…Thanks for the clarification. Wish I would have read this before I deleted my 40 canned responses on my iPhone.


  • Another victim here :-( deleted drafts from the Ipad.
    Instead of putting them in drafts Google would better create a separate category for this.

  • Wish it was so but this morning I recreated all my canned responses on my desktop..so I thought I was back in business but they are gone again after all 10 were put in.. I went to compose an email and they were gone. Also the drop down never went back up until I hit compose again.. This is such and essential feature I am so frustrated.. I want Outlook back. They never got GMail right.. to messy and confusing to do simple tasks

  • Dang it!

    This has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit. Of course I delete drafts after they’re open for a while. I’m like, “Oh – I shouldn’t have any drafts” – I open it and see that there is no recipient so I think that I must’ve accidentally opened a blank email to compose, got distracted and then finished another instance of the intended email – so I delete the drafts.


    Fortunately, all I have to do is find one of the previous emails, copy/paste. But what a poor design. Great idea in essence. But not such a great response.

    THANKS for this data.

  • Same thing happened to me. I unintentionally deleted the drafts from my iPhone and bolluxed the canned signatures I use daily on my desktop. I was able to open them in the trash folder and save them all again as canned signatures, but a little time consuming.

  • okay so that was what was going on. But for crying out loud, why create a feature that you won’t support to make stable enough for users to enjoy its use. trust me, canned responses make me feel like a super man. but i feel like an an, each time i have to re-create them.

    right now i have given up on using it. Google FIX THIS ASAP, you do not have a choice.. Otherwise just remove it from labs….

  • Thanks for helping me figure out what happened to all my canned responses.

    TIP: Title subject line of Draft as “DO_NOT_DELETE-TemplateName”

  • Oh, okay. Now I know what was going wrong. Thanks for the sharing. Appreciate it.

    T Manickam, Coimbatore, India

  • Only started happening recently to me, but it is very frustrating. There is no cure as far as I can tell, so I will now create a “draft” with the same information, so I can at least cut and paste every few weeks (or days) new canned responses.

    Overall, no clue why it happens and it is stupid… but I still love (and need) this feature. Anyone got any other programs that do the same thing?

    WAKE UP GOOGLE, and take care of your features please!

  • Thanks! You saved me from the road of perdition, er…frustration! Canned responses have made my email manageable so I am glad that I can continue to use it. I now realize I have to be more careful about managing email on my phone. I wonder if there are any other glitches like this…

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