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Halo Reach: Booted for Accidental Betrayal, Banned From Accidentally Betraying

Alright… Bungie has got to do something about this.  I have been booted from too many games over stupid accidental betrayals.

If you get one or two betrayals while playing Halo Reach online in a fairly short amount of time (couple hours) the system remembers that you have betrayed your own team and for the rest of the time that you are playing, and if you accidentally betray someone on your team, they will ALWAYS have the option to boot you!  This is F!#&%ing retarded!!!  Bungie needs to do something about this soon.  There are too many jack asses out there that just want to boot people just because they can. The problem is when someone on your teams boots a decent player for an accidental betrayal, your team is now at a great disadvantage and chances are you will now loose the whole game because you are out-manned.  I don’t want my team to lose a good player because of one bad grenade throw or rouge rocket.

Can’t bungie recognize if you are shooting your own team deliberately?  They can track how many bullets you shoot and where you shot your opponents (i.e. “killed with a headshot”). So, they should be able to recognize if you have a high percentage of your bullets hitting your own team compared to your opponents.  If someone is trying to kill their own teammate constantly, they I say, yes, ALWAYS give your teammates the option to boot you.  But if you are getting an accidental betrayal once in a while, let it slide, or reset the clock on it more often!

I think a good way to solve this is just put a 2 betrayal cap on all new games.  If you betray someone more than once in one game, the second time you do it, give them the option to boot you.  At least that way if you start a new game and get one accidental betrayal on a game you are trying to win, you don’t get booted.

Most peole are playing to have fun and win, not to get kicked out of a game for a bad grenade toss.  Bungie needs to handle this situation along with many other things for Halo Reach real soon!

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  • You gotta stop that Red on Red / Blue on Blue crime son!!!

  • I agree. One time I was driving a wraith, and had successfully got three kills for my team.
    Confidently I fired another mortar one onto a player on foot. I got the kill, but to my horror a teamate tried to splatter him, and died as well. I was booted a second later.

    It’s also annoying how when someone deliberately betrays you, by continually disabling your vehicle with EMP, that it doesn’t count as a betrayl.
    One time I got in the wraith, A disgruntled team member continually disabled it, until 3 enemy vehicles flanked and destroyed me (I couldn’t boot the traitor).
    I don’t get traitors like that, so a team has the power weapon, we’re allies so live with it!

    People are just immature, and the booting system tends to favour them more than the honest player.

  • I’m writing to agree and I’m writing to vent. Getting banned from playing matchmaking is juvenile on so many levels. I understand Bungie is trying to reduce the amount of people leaving matches, but they honestly need to work out a lot of bugs before they make this a requirement:

    1. Has anybody played and been spawned killed repeatedly over and over again? That’s fun….I should just sit there and watch myself get killed by a bunch of kill hording jerks for 15 minutes.

    2. As mentioned earlier…getting an awesome amount of kills for your team, and then accidentally killing someone-now I’m booted.

    3. Having jerks on your team kill you because you have a weapon THEY want, not getting the choice to boot them, but then when you finally can’t take it anymore and kill them-you get booted.

    4. Having full signal on internet, but your screen freezes-so you quit to refresh the frozen screen, and now you’re banned. OR the Bungie server kicked you out…

    The list can go on and on…now by the time I finish typing this; hopefully I can go on and play (yes I probably typed 15 minutes venting), but Bungie seriously needs to do SOMETHING about his ERROR in gameplay. Thank you for taking the time to read this…

  • Seriously. when I lob a sticky across the map, I cant see where the eff its going. just cause my teammate happen to run his face into it shouldn’t give him the option to stop my fun. it could’ve just as easily been the other team that got pumpkin headed.

  • I think all the kids that boot other players for an honest mistake should be rounded up and forced to explain themselves to the players they booted.

    They may then find themselves having the shit kicked out of them but hey thats life.

  • I F***in hate the boot system doesnt it make u angry when your doing soooo good or u r in a chaotic battle and having so much fun and the nexyt thing you know you are staring at a notice saying : you have been booted for betraying that pisses me off so much

  • I totally agree. One time somebody betrayed me on purpous by just shooting me and i could not booot him! But one time I was in a ghost and this guy jumps in front of my vehicle on purpous and I accidentely run him over, which there was know way to avoid it and he booted me. I bet he was just trying to get my vehicle… Things like this happen all the time and now I have been banned from match making. I am ready to like sue bungie, I payed for there game and now i get booted from accidental betrayals every game while people try to kill me and I don’t get the option to boot them!!! LIKE WTF? IM FURIOUS! I haven’t been able to play for three weeks!!!

  • brian I agree, Its crazy and i also agree to everyone who hates these booters. When someone betrays me I always assume its on accident unless I see they actualy are just shooting me on purpous.. I am really good and usaully I am the team leader so when i get booted it ruins the team. So i don’t boot people when they accidentaly betray me for the sake of the team. I also hate it when i have like 30 kills and i get booted on an accidental betrayal at the last minuete of the game and i don’t get one level up points or credits after i won my team the game!

  • Mary anne, everything u said i totally agree with 100%!!!!!!!!

  • they should have a betrayal cam that lets you see what the other player was doing when they bertayed you so they can see if it was an accident. i also hate how, in infection, i “betray” a zombie when im a human.

  • I was playing today and I got booted at least 3 times for accidental betraying(on snipers and swat and some grenades), and while playing, some a-hole comes up and betrayes me.. ON PURPOSE!! And I don’t even get the boot option!! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Anyway… I agree with the 2 betrayal limit, and I can understand why they don’t do a proximity system. Because a friendly could be ‘guarding’ an enemy and betray you… And it wouldn’t count. Maby a mix of the proximity system, and if there is some way to tell if it’s an accident is if your looking in the general direction of an enemy or not.

  • One time i was in a scorpion. A stupid teamate jumps on top of my tank and throws a bubble shield over the barrel of the tank. When i shot the tank round hit the inside of bubble sheild, killed my teamate, and kicked me out of the game. They should rework the system and make it just like halo 3. Two betrayals per game then the option to boot.

  • Yeah so I just got booted by some jerk when I got into a wraith on Cragmire. He started shooting at me with rockets, so to defend myself I blew up the warthog and killed him, and that douche booted me! I was just defending myself!

    Seriously the booting system is crap and they need to make changes. Now I’m scared to play a game because one accidental mistake (a rogue grenade, someone running into my shot) and I’ll get freaking banned for 10 minutes!

    Such bullshit.

  • I know this article was a while ago, but I seriously need somewhere to yell at others for my misfortune. About an hour ago, I was flying a Banshee around bombing enemy warthogs. I flew too low and accidentally splattered a teammate. The next game was in Hemmorage. I jumped off a hill in a ghost and landed on a teammate (you can’t see over the hills). The last time I went off a man cannon in a mongoose and hit a teammate. EVERY time they booted me (this was all today).
    They seriously need to do something about this. (At least in Halo 4)

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