16 Nov
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Severe Intestinal Pain After Working Out, from Protein Shakes

For a few years I have been going to the gym and drinking protein shakes before and after work outs.  Durring this time I was pretty much only drinking Muscle Milk and Cytogainer.  I love these shakes and never had any problems with them.  I recently switched the protein powder because I was able to get a different brand for free, so I thought I would give it a try and save a bunch of money.  (Protein powder is not cheap!)

I typically just have 1 serving of protein powder before and after I work out mixed with about 12oz. of water.  I started getting pretty severe and painful cramps in my lower intestinal area later at night after having a couple servings of the new protein powder and working out in the evenings.  Initially I didn’t think that it was the protein powder that was causing these cramps because they wouldn’t start until a few hours after having the shakes, and sometimes they wouldn’t start until late in the night.

It doesn’t seem to hurt my stomach at all, it’s more in the lower intestinal area, and feels like a sharp pain (like a knife)  that will be there for about 10 seconds, then fade.  This will continues on and off for a couple hours then goes away completely.  I am not sure if I might be allergic to this new protein or what?  It feels almost like its gas bubbles that are causing the pain, but nothing seems to be able to get past, and I can’t/don’t need to go to the bathroom.

Could it be that there is more Whey in this protein than the last one that I was using and my body doesn’t like it?

If anyone know what causes this or has experienced the same thing, please feel free to post comments below.  Thanks!


  • I have had that happen to me before and I think maybe I was allergic to the protein that was in the shakes. I quit taking them and it went away. Did the shakes have a good amount of fiber in them? Because I know that I have issues with my digestive health and when I take anythign with a lot of fiber I get that gas and bloat feeling and it was things getting loosened up in there. :-) Sorry! I now take a product called Shakeology that is awesome. You might also look into it. I don’t have any issues with this shakes protein and it give me a lot of energy. I posted a blog post about it. Check it out at http://www.reneeschnuerle.com if you want a sample I would be happy to send one to you!

  • Thanks for commenting Renee! It definitely wasn’t due to too much fiber. This protein has 0 fiber in it. It’s got to be something else causing it…

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