20 Oct
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Wireless Connection on Xbox 360 Slowing Down, Can’t Stream Netflix and Play Games Online

So the story is I have had my Xbox 360 with the wireless adapter, set up with my Linksys wireless  G router for a couple years now.  The thing has been working great, fast connections, and never any problems.  We have been able to stream movies through Netflix, and play Halo online with not connection problems.

About a week ago however, the connection seemed to slow pretty bad.  I thought it was the Internet, so I called the cable company and had them reset everything. I ran some speed tests on my computer that was also linked wirelessly through the router.  The speed was a little on the low side, but should have still worked fine for everything I was doing online with the Xbox.

When I try to play halo online, I was connected online and it seemed to take a little longer to get a game, but once I got into a game, it was unplayable.  My connection would be so bad, either the opponents or I would just be bouncing lagging all over the place the whole game.  It makes it impossible to play.  A lot of the time it would show my connection at full green bars though which really confuses me.

Then when I try to stream videos through Netflix, the movies title pages would load, but when I select one to play, it just site there and can’t seem to load the movie. This had gone on for about a week.

So I decided to pull out my modem and connect the xbox directly to the it with an Ethernet cable.  This fixed the problem. So now the question is, is the xbox wireless adapter going bad, or is my wireless router going bad?  It there a way to test?  Is it common for one of these to start slowing down like this? Its strange that the connection is still there, it’s jut not very strong.

Any info would be greatly appreciated before I start buying new equipment.  Post comments below!  Cheers!


  • I am having this same problem. Never any problem with the hard wired connection but I moved to a house where the router is in my house mate’s room.

    After trying to do it DIY with an old PC for far too long I gave up and dropped the $60 for this silly little dongle and having the exact same problems. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just send it back and give up on online gaming entirely? Or buy a long CAT-5 and give up on not having a cable running down the hallway.

    Just wanted to comment as I’ve found so many of these threads with no answers at all and it’s kind of fucking frustrating that MS won’t open up and comment on some ways to fix this!


  • I just began having the same problem. Everything that goes through the wireless dongle moves very slow. I tried using other networks, other usb ports, everything but the wired connection. I’m debating on buying another adapter. The one I purchased was from ebay and worked for over a year. I suppose it’s time to get a new one. If you find anything about this feel free to hit me up on google plus or twitter, the website link I provided directs you to find me there. jamms404 on xbox.

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