12 Oct
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Macbook Pro Laptop Display Out, Mac Graphics Card Dead

I have a Macbook Pro that is just under 3 years old now.  It is in really good condition and well taken care of.  About 2 weeks ago the display on my Macboo Pro would not turn on.  I tried a number of things from restarting, to safe booting, and even resetting the PVRAM, pmu etc., none of it worked! The computer would boot up just fine, but nothing would be on the screen.  It was completely black.  I even tried to plug the computer into an external monitor through the Display Out port on the side, but still nothing would come through.

After doing some research on what might be going on, I discovered that my Graphics Card in my Macbook Pro had gone out.  I came across this article on Apple’s website stating that they would fix the problem under warranty as long as the computer was within 4 years old (which mine was) SEE ARTICLE HERE.  So I took the computer into the Apple store and after running some diagnostic tests, they told me that my model computer and everything was correct, but the graphics card in my macbook pro was not one of the ones that they are covering.  Apparently they use different graphics cards in the same model macbook pros and are only covering a certain card if it fails.

And to further the piss me off, they tell me that the graphics card is soldered onto the Logic board (which is basically your motherboard) so I would need to replace the whole Logic Board. And if I could find a logic board it would probably run me about $900.

I left the apple store furious!  I cant spend $900 dollars on a computer right now, you can buy brand new computers for less than that!


After asking around and about this problem a little more I found a way to get my logic board/graphics card replaced for free under warranty.  Here is what I did:

After being refused by the apple store, I took my computer and a print up of this page to a third party apple maintenance shop.  Most of these shops do everything that the apple store does including fixing computer problems under warranty.  They are paid by apple to do repairs for them. So I found one locally and took my computer in with a print up of the problem that has been diagnosed.

They ran a couple tests, to make sure that the graphics card had failed.  Once they saw that the graphics card had failed, and my model computer matched the print up, they ordered a new Logic Board and replaced it all under warranty for FREE!!!  They didn’t check to see what graphics card I had, they just checked to make sure it was failing and I had the right model computer.

If you run into any issues where something on your computer is questionably under warranty, and the Apple store turns you away… Try taking your computer to a third party apple repair store!

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