14 Sep
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New Halo Reach Maps Same as Old Halo 2 Maps, Reflection, Pinnacle, Hemorrhage

Exciting stuff!!!  Bungie brought back a couple great maps from Halo 2 for the new Halo Reach game.  Of course each of the maps have some slight differences from the originals in Halo 2, but they are still the same. I am stoked to see these maps back in action. These 3 were among the best maps ever put out by Bungie for the series of halo games, and made me wonder why they never remade them for Halo 3.  When you have great maps that people like, recreate them for the most recent game!

But now it is great to have the new Forge World in Halo Reach, because you can pretty much recreate any map ever built!  And put your own twist on it, fix things that Bungie may not have thought of.  and you aren’t as limited to the the plots of land you can chose from.  They possibilities seem endless for the new forge world in Halo reach.  But for now, I am just happy to have some of these great classic Halo maps back in the mix!!

Check out the screen-shot comparisons below and see if you remember some of these old maps from Halo and Halo 2 compared to the new Halo Reach Maps!

The new map REFLECTION on Halo Reach
is the same as IVORY TOWER from Halo 2.

The new map PINNACLE from Halo Reach
is the same as ASCENSION from Halo 2.(Best map ever for Halo 2

The new map HEMORRHAGE is the same map from the original
Halo and Halo 2 formally known as BLOOD GULTCH or COAGULATION.

It’s always great to look back at the some of these old games, and their graphics compared to what we are used to playing on now. My favorite is the Hemmorrhage vs. Blood Gultch picture.  Look at the detail in the mountain side, the rocks, the grass, and the angles that were used.  Halo graphics have come a long way.  Its funny how you really don’t notice this stuff completely until you see them side-by-side.

So, what do you think?