17 Jul
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Vizio TV Lag When Playing Video Games on Xbox or Playstation

So I just bought a new Vizio 42″ LDC 1080P HDTV, and hooked my xbox 360 up to it last night. I couldn’t wait to see how the picture quality had changed from having my old projection tv which was only 1080i to this new one! So I popped in my favorite game Halo 3 and hopped online to play a couple games.  Right away i noticed something was wrong.  It was extremely difficult to kill anyone.  It was like someone else was controlling the game for me.  I coudn’t figure out what was going on at first, but then it hit me.  The response time from the games controller was about a half sec later to display on the TV.  This made it damn near impossible to kill any of the opposing players.  My aim was always a half second behind where the enemy was moving.  This was getting so frustrating and made me not even want to play the game.  I knew there had to be some kind of setting to fix this though.

How to fix Vizio TV Lag from your Gaming System (Xbox or PLaystation)
All you need to do to fix this problem on is change one little setting in the Video settings on your tv.  This may be different for every TV, but in mine its just switchig a setting called “Fast Response.”  By default this is off, so the response time from your games controller to the tv lags a little.  So for a Vizio tv, just go to Menu – Picture – More – Fast Response, and turn the Fast Response to ON.  Thats all it takes!  Now plays video games on this tv is great!   What a differense it makes going from 1080i to 1080p!!


  • umm yeah…my vizio doesnt have that option under “more” in the picture category of the menu screen…it only hascolor temp, color enhance, adaptive luma, DCR, and reset picture mode…any suggestions here?

  • Do you have any other types of picture modes? Game, Movie, Sports… etc. Might try changing those.

  • The picture for game mode is kind of dark and i cant adjuste it……any suggestions /

  • Try a different mode. I think I have mine on a custom mode where it allows you to change the brightness, tint, color, etc.

    Also, your TV might have an auto-dimming function. Where when the room is dark, the TV will automatically dim because it doesn’t need to be as bright as during the day to combat all the surrounding light. I believe it is called Ambient Light Sensor on mine. I just turned that off so I have full screen brightness all the time.

    That’s all that I can think of.

  • Worked great. Kills per match more than doubled after switching this on. Thanks!

  • YESSSSSS thanks so much !

    i always thought that the modes : “HOME,GAME,MOVIE” is just modes to change the coloring and all that… but in fact the GAME mode kills that lag time ! i found this very helpful.
    Thanks a mil !

  • Won’t the TV’s processor slow down? And I thought the Ambient light sensor lights the TV up when the room light is dimmed?

  • Matthew, I am not sure about the processor, mine seems to be working fine. But, the ambient light sensor does the exact opposite of what you are thinking. It dims the TV screen when the room is darker so it is not too bright for your eyes, and gets brighter when the room is well lit so that you can see the picture better. If it dimmed when the room was bright it would be a lot harder to see anything on the screen.


  • Thank you so much! I was doing horrible in MW3, and I hope this makes it better, which I think it will. Anyways, thank you again!

  • I’m kinda disappointed that fast response is only in the game picture preset

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