22 Jul
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Vizio TV Audio Sound Cuts Out When Quiet For A Few Seconds

So after resolving the video lag from my xbox to the new Vizio TV I noticed another problem that was going on.  The sounds seemed to cut out randomly.

I first noticed this when the we were streaming a movie through Netflix on Xbox live.  We were watching a movie and everything was going great. And we noticed that when the movie got to a quiet spot, where there was very little to no sound or movement in the film, the speakers sounded like they would just switch off on the TV all together.  It is pretty annoying because even when there is no sound going on in the movie, the TV usually has a very low static noise that comes out of ithe speakers still.  But with this new Vizio TV, it’s as if it recognizes that no sound it being input into it and the speakers shut off.  So you go from hearing a very low static (which is fine), to hearing the speakers click off and you can’t hear anything.  Then when someone speaks again, or there is some sort of noise in the movie, you hear the speakers click back on and its usually slightly delayed so the voice gets chopped a little.

This is very annoying and I am hoping that there is a way to turn this function off.  I would rather just have the consistent low static sound coming through the speakers constantly, than have the sound keep cutting in and out.

I haven’t found a way to resolve this issue yet, so if you know any way to prevent this from happening, please post a comment below!


SOLUTION: In comment below!


  • I just bought an optical audio cable to plug into the TV to have the audio go out to my stereo and this solved the problem. It must be a function in the TV itself, where when there is no sound coming through the speakers, the TV speakers turn off. Super annoying, I recommend buying an Optical Audio Cable for sure and you won’t have to hear the speakers clicking on and off anymore!!

    The SofaKing

  • thank you sofaking, we had the same problem. i was able to connect a optical audio cable from our Xbox the the surround sound bypassing the audio on the tv. we are still using the HDMI cable to the tv for video. fixed the sound problem works great.

  • I have a mitsu 73” dlp mine does the same thing. this is so annoying. i have no surround to hook up to.. I guess i have to live with this?

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