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Red Spot on Nose of Dog, Red Irritated Nostril

About a week ago, my dog who is 3 years old developed a hot spot on the inside of one of his back legs.  I kept it as clean as possible and applied some neosporin, and hydrocortisone cream to it a couple times a day.  It started to get better, but then I noticed something was wrong with his nose yesterday.

This may be completely unrelated, not sure.  My dog has a full black nose, and inside one of his nostrils, the black looked like it was starting to peel away. Now there is a pinkish red skin spot exposed in and around the outside of his right nostril.  That nostril is a little inflamed and wet inside, where the other is dry and normal looking.  Could this have been caused from him licking and biting at his hot spot too much?

If not the only other thing that I can think of is that a couple days ago, I came home and he was trying to play with a bee that was on the ground in our yard.  If he got stung by the bee, could this be a reaction to that?  He never acted like anything was wrong, and I never saw a stinger in his nose.

Another thought was that I had taken him to the beach 3 days before.  This was his first time there for a long period of time.  He was playing in the water and out in the sun for about 3-4 hours.  Could too much sun have harmed his nose?

Today I went to the Vet, and she didn’t have much information for me.  She just game me some cream for both his hotspot and nose.  She speaks very broken English, and didn’t seem like she knew what the problem was with his nose. She just said that he needs sunscreen on his nose when in the sun for a long period of time.

If anyone has any ides what could have caused this, please post a comment below.


  • I am disappointed there are no replies to this!
    I’m having the same problem, same dismissive reply from my very busy vet..

  • Hmmmm, I also have similar problem with my Golden

  • My dogs nose is all better now. It took a few weeks, and it would start to get better, then it would get worse again. This seemed to happen for a few weeks before it went away completely. All the black coloring on his nose came back too, so don’t worry about that.

    It seemed that as the hot spot on the inside of his leg started to go away and he stopped trying to lick it, then his nose got better. Because the hotspot was on the same side that the nostril was peeling on. I think his nostril was just irritated from being moist and licked too much. Maybe that and a combination of allergies, because I know my dog’s allergies act up about once a year.

  • i have a golden too, she’s 9 and thats how she started as well, with a lil red spot in her left nostril. We went to the vet, she too acted as if she had no clue what was wrong so she told us it could possibly be three things, the dog could have a fungal infection, she could just be changings as she ages(unlikely) or worst case she had cancer. Then she tried to charge $500 for treatment to cure the first two and test for cancer. We started one step at a time, went with the Fungal infection. She gave us antibiotics and my dog had been taking them for about a week when her nostril started bleeding. First it was lil clumps but as of yesterday its been atleast two full pools of blood per episode, we called the emergency and they said “its normal” since she’s on the antiobiotics,but if it happens for an hour straight and we cannot stop the bleeding bring her in.

  • My Whoodle (3/4 Wheaton + 1/4 Poodle) devoloped a spot on his nose that is flesh colored or removed the black of his nose. I became alarmed and took him to the vet. My vet thinks it is RINGWORM. She suggested rub in a bit of an Anti-Fungal cream as those use for athletes foot.
    Lotrimin, active ingredient:Clotrimazole
    or Tinactin, active ingredient:Tolnaftate)

  • What did you do for your dogs nose? My 11month old blue heeler has the same thing!:(

  • Kaykayt – I think it developed because he was licking his hotspot a lot. Once I was able to keep him from constantly licking the hotspot it started to heal. I think that they were related because the side of his nose that was pealing was the side he had his hot spot on and was constantly wrapped around that way trying to lick it.

    Good luck with your pup!

  • I also tonight after returning from a wedding noticed my collie/lab having the same isse with both sides where the little side flaps curl over and touch the lower halves of each nostril. I asked the girl to google it while I did te same and came here. Meanwhile, she came in and told me that he was just watching Samantha chewing on the cow femur knuckles we just got or her and Toby the beagle and she was rubbing her nose inadvertently on them as she chewed. When she goes to the vet and gets stabbed, she says nothing. When I clipped the quick of her right few claw a few days ago and it started to bleed, she said nothing. She hardly ever barks, except when she sees something at the window, she gets excited and let’s out a muted “boof.” It’s barely noticeable anymore but that’s all she does. Unless she’s yawning which is VERY pronounced and over exaggerated, as are her groans when plopping on the bed or couch and getting comfy. Longest to date is about 9 seconds. Anyways, I digress, she doesn’t really let us know when she’s feeling pain, only when you step on her foot or tail or something, so this nose thing I’m not sure if its painful or what, but I mean it would probably be for ME atleast. It’s from her chewing on her new bones, (I say “bones” because whenever we get them toys, she quickly loses interest in hers, and waits patiently, although not always so, to steal Toby’s. then he goes off and sulks until he has a chance to steal it back. It’s pretty funny.)

So, what do you think?