15 Jul
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Home Brewing: Lost Stopper In Carboy, Stopper Fell into Secondary Fermenter

So today was the day that I transferred my home brew from the primary fermenting bucket, to the secondary fermenting glass carboy.  All was going well, I got the beer all transferred nicely to the carboy.  Had the stopper and airlock soaking in some sanitizing solution.  Then came time to put the stopper on the glass carboy.

I grabbed the stopper out of the sanitizing solution, and tried to put in on the top of the carboy while it was still wet.  Thinking that I would be able to get a tighter seal and push it down a little further.  Because when the stopper and the carboy were completely dry I tried to squeeze the stopper into place, but it would just keep popping back out.

So I started to push the wet stopper on the the carboy with very little force, and the darn thing shot right through the opening, into the carboy and sank to the bottom of the beer.

I didn’t have a second stopper, and I didn’t want to let more air get to the beer (oxidizing it).  So I just took my 3-piece stopper and some electrical tape, and taped that to the top of the carboy nice and tight to make sure that no air would be able to get in.  I know this isn’t the ideal way to do it, but I didn’t want to loose a whole batch of beer just because the rubber stopper fell in.  After all, I’m just Trying to Get By! 😉

Lesson learned – Dry off the top of the carboy and stopper before trying to put in place!

Does anyone know if this will effect the taste of the beer at all?  Or will be harmful to drink after a week or 2 in the carboy with the rubber stopper sitting in it?

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  • everything will be fine if the stopper is sanitized and your electrical tape contraption is sanitized as well. Even if you sanitized the tape, there will be a lot of wraps that could hold infection. You may be ok, you may be not. The taste in the end will be your final answer. If it tastes bad – don’t drink it. I was fortunate on my first batch. I used a cleanser thinking that it sterilized. It did not, but the beer was fantastic. just remember sterilize sterilize sterilize. (also use the plastic bag technique {youtube} to retrieve your stopper) works great!

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