18 May
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HGTV Dream Home: Green Home Giveaway

What can I say? It would be an absolute “Dream” to win the new HGTV Green home!  My wife and I are huge fans of the HGTV channel and watch it every chance we get. We get all kinds of inspiration from House Hunters, My First Place, and love watching the House Hunters International.  Its great seeing all the different style houses and places to live around the world.  We feel a bit sheltered living out in Southern California, because we don’t get to travel too much outside California. That’s why when we saw the new HGTV Green Home giveaway we were blown away with the house and the location!  Being a newly-wed couple it has been tough trying to pay our mortgage each month on top of all of our other bills in today’s economy.  After all, we are just trying to get by. 😉

After seeing the New HGTV Green Home on tv and checking out the floor plan and photos online, my wife and I fell in love with this property.  Everything is absolutely amazing, from the architectural design, to the colors used in the house, to all the decorating.  The house is truly one of a kind, and we would be so fortunate to win such a cool eco-friendly home!  And the location is breathtaking, the whole town is so old fashioned and just the type of place the two of us dream of living.

My wife is an shabby-chic aholic, so when she saw all the white wood look and cupboards through out the house (and especially the kitchen) she immediately fell in love with it.  Hopefully one day we are fortunate enough to live in a home that looks a lot like this one. With that old fashioned feel, and all the amazing natural light that permeates through all rooms of the house.  But all we can say for now is “We Wish!”

We will just keep entering and keep our fingers crossed.

So, what do you think?