17 May
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Halo Reach: Banned From Playing Matchmaking Online

Banned From Halo Reach Online? Is it Permanent? How Do I get Unbanned from Halo Reach Online?

Answers Below!

The other night I was trying to play some Halo Reach Beta online, but my internet was acting really weird.  Thanks to Time Warner Cable, the damn thing has been so unreliable.

I stated a couple games the other night, just playing Grab Bag Matchmaking, but I was lagging all over the screen and couldn’t seem to kill anyone. I on the other hand would die almost instantly when someone was near. The other really strange part was that my internet strength showed to be full green each time that I spawned. In fact, everyone in all the games that I played that night showed full green bars. So I just tried to play through, thinking that I got a couple Bad hosts. But that wasn’t the case. Something was going on with my internet. After playing each game for about a minute or two, I would get lagged out.

Then I got a warning that “if I quit anymore matchmaking games that I would be banned from playing Halo Reach Beta Matchmaking online.”  But I wasn’t actually quitting any games. I was trying to play them, there was just something wrong with my internet connection that night that was lagging me out of the games.  Bungie assumes that I was quitting out of the games and banned me from playing.

I called Tme Warner Cable before getting banned to have them reset my internet to see if that would help. They reset it, but I still couldn’t play decent games without lagging around, and getting lagged out everytime. This problem lasted about 2 days before the internet went back to normal.

So you can imagine that I was pretty frustrated with not being able to play any online matchmaking games for 2 days. And furthermore I was pissed off that Bungie had banned me from playing online because my internet provider sucks!

But after seeing that the ban was only temporary I was a little happier. When you get banned from Halo Reach for quitting too much, the ban only lasts for about 20mins or so I think. But you will constantly be reminded during your online play that you will be banned if you quit a game.  So this is a little annoying, but its not a permanent ban.


  • And this is why Xbox Sucks !! My life my choice I paid 60 Fucking Dollars to play the way I want to play ! But Bungie wants to tell me I cant play for leaving BS games .

  • HA – I Agree! That’s ridiculous, that Bungie is able to ban you from playing the game online for quitting. You pay for your online subscription, you should be able to do and play how you want.

    Although it is annoying to play games online and have a couple teammates quit and ruin the game for you. So banning them for a short time is a deterrent from having people quitting all the time. I wonder if it will help prevent people from leaving games? And if they stick around, will they just be dicking around the whole game, shooting their own teammates?

  • This is repeatedly happening to me, and I don’t think it’s my internet because this doesn’t happen on any other games. I get randomly kicked out from a game, it’ll just say everyone else quit and I won, then I’ll be banned from playing.

  • Brian – Yes, That happens to me all the time! Must be some kind of connection error. It’s cool cause you get a free win, but it sucks because all of the other players are still playing the real game, and your team is down a player right from the start.

    This happens a lot both ways. I’ll get thrown into my own game and it will end immediately, or a player on my team will get tossed into his own game, leaving our team outnumbered.
    I haven’t had this problem yet on Halo Reach. It happened like Crazy on Halo 3 though.

  • This is bull. I paid good money for this game along with XBOX live monthly and I can’t play???????

    Something needs to be done about this.

  • Here’s an advice to those who are complaining about it…stop quitting! If you have connection issues…fix them. Even with out this ban you won’t be able to play online anyway with a bad connection. Luckily for you It’s not permanent.

    and Ha…no…Playstation Sucks!

  • Stop quitting?

    What if my teammates are chunks of shit?

    What if we end up 4 people down?

    What if I have to go somewhere?

    What if i dont want to play this game mode (see: territories)?

    Im not going to do shit I fucking hate. Do you hate eating shit? WELL YOU SHOULD SUCK IT UP AND EAT IT ANYWAY. Right? Wrong.

    If i get another stupid ass ban, I’m writing Bungie, throwing my Reach disc out, and going back to mw2.

  • If I don’t like a match I just let it sit afk so I still get points and since quitting will make me wait 15 min ban anyway I might as well! If you don’t like me being afk and me getting killed 17 times a match then maybe you should let people quit or maybe xbox could get some servers so we could join whatever we wanted.(or stop picking stupid matches and half the team leaves so it’s just a campfest) BTW I’ve only quit one time throughout the week and I still get the ban message every time I load the game…and yea I’m a captain grade 2 so needless to say i’ve played 100’s of matches. The kick system is also BS because people are purposely jumping into rockets and that one firestorm locator weapon and kicking immediatly…wtf man I started playing forza 3 again because it’s just frusterating after paying 60 bucks and having all these gay problems.

  • I see people like sleepman all the time and I’d rather them quit out than stand there and give the other team 20 points in a match. If your doing this, just dashboard, I heard it won’t trigger the ban system.

  • True dat.

  • This just sucks. I have been getting into the dumbest matches lately, such as: snipers, and swat. I leave because I keep getting spawn killed by the same old buttholes, so I leave. Then I get betrayed, decide to forgive. I accidentally betrayed the guy, then he boots me. WTF! Then I can’t even play the game I spent $60 + xbox live. Bungie is stupid.

  • I agree with the guy above me. I recently played Halo today at like 11 a.m. Had a butt-load of work to do today. So i come back home expecting to play online, when the game starts up a message says “You are now on probation, you may not join another match for some time” so i restarted my system. It came back up as soon as the game started. Then i come to find out i lasts for three days? WTF?! I paid 150$ fucking dollars to get banned?! Bungie can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  • Who can tell me what game may i can play? My internet line was so delay and those game i am playing is not fun at all.. What nice game can i play? :C

  • sorry for my englis writing . bungies halo reach system sucks and they kwow it. is there a way to make it clear for them what the problem is??. i now how to solve it, Make it impossible for any match player to kil his teammate and if someone quit add an other player to the game, what the fuck!! is that so difficult to do??.

  • Fuck I just get half way through the match and it pulls the whole host is offline shit and then it sits and loads so I wait and I get the same fucking problem! Slut cunt eating douche bag fuckers!

  • Bugie is a piece of shit trying to control the gaming. I get why there doing it but you pay 60 bucks for a game and a monthly x box live fee as well as your interenet. I have to go to work at a very spacific time and so there are times were I couldn’t finish the game so I was banned. So now instead of quiting I make sure to take my avatar right in the center of the playing field so i can die or better yet Ill jump off the cliff to my death to speed the game up. But you tell me which is better a douch bag quitting or a bigger douch bag purposley loosing the game for you. lol and I blame it all on BUNGIE. fucking loosers its shit like that that will make me go back to halo 3.

  • bungie can suck the tip of my peepee with there probation ban, people have lives outside of gaming what if i was choking and i turned the x box off to call 911 i get banned for almost dying, bungie your gay

  • yea being put on “probation” for quiting to many matches seems dumb. I like to play halo(it’s the only game I play anymore), but I spent alot of money to play this game and now they want to decided how I play it? How can they do this? This should be illegal. Now I have been ban from earning credit and I have no ideal why! I dont cheat at all. I just like to get on after a stressful day and play a couple of matches. It’s getting to where playing is becoming a pain. Thinking I’ve played this game for to long. o and you “you deserve it” I’ll do anything I want to do with my account this includes quiting a halo reach match! and some people cant fix their connection do to location or afforablitly. I think everyone who feels the same should stop playing reach out of protest and buying bungie products. If you dont who know what is next probation for teabagging!

  • Don’t feel bad people. I got banned while playing Living Dead killing a zombie(right when he killed me, thus somehow making it a betrayal). The guy I supposedly betrayed booted me. And now I have to wait however long this ban takes.

  • im so pissed, i just bought a 360 and this game a few hours ago and i’ve already been banned twice.
    i think i want my money back.
    i didn’t pay them 69 dollars for this game to not be able to play it?

  • Dude I spend good money on this piece of bull crap and I can’t den play it! Bull crap it lasts 15 min!! Iv completed 29 challenge and haver gotten ANY of the credits cause of so called ” bungie” this is Crap!!

  • Mine only took 10 mins bungie shud change there ways

  • how long will my credit earning ban for reach last? a guy told my wife he was going to rip out her overies and i said something in return and now i cant earn credits… wtf…

  • Bungie sux, cause cant make quit games modes, to stard de game u have to wati 1o days ande if u quit is ban, compare quit call of duty, u wil baned fron de curent game, or if u quit u can rejoin, by hallo u cant rejoin hahah so stupid

  • Okay so Ive been getting banned every hour now and it is ANNOYING. First of all I havent quit my games and thre hasnt been connection probelems but it still saiy im quiting. Secondly, if my internet connection does lag, Bungie doesnt care. And finally, if the host loses connection then I get marked as a quiter… Bungie needs to do something about this

  • Banned because of paying 60 bucks to play the games the way you want to? First of all you pay for the xbox live features and downloadable content, you pay to play for an experience with other players. So why the hell would anyone want to play with a person whos quitting? If you want to play the games the way you want to do a lan game, or play a campaign you can quit as many times as you want without other people having to worry about a teamate quitting. Or take your ass to psn for their free online community, then youll understand why the hell xbl costs 60 bucks.

  • If you’re complaining, one, you’re stupid as f***, two, it’s your fault. Halo: Reach bans you from games if you quit or get booted from betrayal, MORE THAN TWO TIMES. If you’re playing with a team of four, and you leave, that game is stuck with a person less and IT F***ING IRRITATES THE S**T OUT OF PEOPLE. You deserve to be banned. If you’re stuck with a team of shitty players so many times that you need to quit (3 or more times), haul your ass to MLG and play with players that will shit all over you. If you can’t wait 10 minutes to play Halo: Reach, you are obviously obssessed and need to get out. 10 Minutes for 3 quits/betrayals IS PRETTY F***ING FAIR IF YOU ASK ME.

  • I play arena and i have been getting stuck on crap teams in which a person always quits out. You are telling me i have to sit and crouch for 10 minutes and take a negative k/d ratio because bungie has decided to put me on probation for quitting out of too many games. Its a joke. I get screwed for staying and i get screwed for leaving. The game sucks. Halo 2 and 3 were better. And you shouldnt be able to block a sword. The guy swords me, i block it, he goes 5 feet backwards lol, then i shoot him once in the head and he dies lol. What a joke. The power ups are gay too. Just give me the running ability and the hidden secret jumps and im good. Armor up? So gay. Glad bungie is gone because they made the game worse. Maps suck too. The good maps they bring back from previous games. THe maps look the same too. Game is just gay and im a legend. Give me a ranking again. Not a medal for playing. To achieve the highest rank you just have to play a crap load of games. What a joke. Garbage at the top.

  • This is fucking stupid! I got banned because 1) My internet sometimes goes out at my house because we live on the edge of at&t’s service and 2) because I accidentally killed someone who booted me. This is sooo stupid. I paid $60 for this game and can’t play it?

    Fuck BUNGIE or whoever has rights over this game now!! So stupid!!!

  • RIGHT? like what the fuck bungie. (this has happened to me like 15 times) i was in the last portion of LASO on the hardest levels and it lags me out. its like they dont want you to beat their game. its not like i do, but even if i did boost; congrats for me for being clever enough to make easy cR. these are the reasons that Bungie is losing players to CoD and Gears of War…

    me and everyone else who agrees

  • I got banned for nothing which is bullcrap because we had so many points,but a freaking guest that I forgave so many times had to do something. I didn’t kill him or anyone and still got kicked because bungie is for retarded and I keep getting banned from fags who suck their balls! I’m about to just break apart my halo reach and play cod black ops because I’m furious with noobs.

So, what do you think?