30 Mar

Will My Home Beer Clear Up Much After Bottling?

I just finished bottling my home brew, and I felt like it was in the fermenter for plenty long (2.5 weeks), but the beer still looks a bit cloudy in the bottles.

Will the beer clear up much while it gets carbonated in the bottles?

The Beer is still a bit clowdy in the bottles and I am a little worried that I should have left it in the fermenter a little longer. At first glance it appeared pretty clear when I started filling up all the bottles, but after getting them into the bottles and holding them up to the light, I can definitly tell that they are still a little cloudier than most beers.It seems like it would be ok if it was a Hefinweizen, but its not.

I was just wondering if the beer would clear up at all while sitting in the bottles becoming carbonated?

Also, does the beer continue to ferment in the bottle before you refrigerate it? If so, how much more alcohol will be added to the beer?

Feel free to post a comment if you have any info that might help!

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So, what do you think?