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Home Brewing, Airlock Stopped Bubbling After 24 hours

If you read my previous post, you will know that this is my first time brewing beer. I had all the questions answered in my last post and began brewing the beer. The beer that I brewed was a Brewcraft English Mild Draught kit. Everything seemed to go very smoothly, and I felt that everything was very well sanitized. I followed the directions exactly and pitched the yeast when the temperature was at about 72 degrees. Since that night, the beer has been sealed tightly with airlock in place, and has been at a pretty consistent temperature of about 68-72 degrees. right within the realm of where the directions say I need to be.

The airlock started bubbling sometime during that night and seemed to be going well. Video of the airlock below. It bubbled all through the next day and into the night. So it seemed to be going for about a good 24 hours. When i woke up the following morning the bubbling had stopped.

Did something go wrong? It doesn’t appear that there is a leak anywhere in the lid or airlock. When I press down even the slightest on the lid of the fermenter, it shifts the water level in the airlock (indicating the seal is still working correctly, i think). Also, the temperature has been pretty much the same, no drastic changes.

Could something be wrong with the beer? Is the airlock supposed to continue to bubble the whole time it is fermenting? Or does this sound pretty standard?

The instructions say to let it ferment for about 10 days before bottling. I am a little nervous that something is wrong. Being new to this, I am not sure how to proceed. Should I just leave it and check the hydrometer reading after 10 days?

Answers to Why Airlock Stopped Bubbling Here!

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Answers to Why Airlock Stopped Bubbling Here!

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  • The lid on your plastic fermenter might be leaking air. Either don’t worry about it, or you can remove the fermenter lid, then use some plastic wrap and stretch it across the open top of your fermenter, overlapping the plastic wrap if your plastic wrap is not wide enough to cover the whole fermenter. Then snap your lid back onto the fermenter and the plastic wrap should be enough to fill any small voids in the seal that are leaking air. (poke a pencil size hole in the sheet of plastic wrap inline with where your airlock hole is in the lid.

    When you remove the lid, be careful you don’t spill any of the airlock water into the fermenter.

    The Hillbilly
    Mead Brewer

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