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Brewcraft Starter Kit Questions, Home Brewing Question, Fermenter Lid Strip Question

Hey everyone, I am about to start a batch of home brew. Hi I recently got a Brewcraft Starter Kit from Costco.com, and just had a couple questions before I got started. On the fermenter lid, do I need to pull the outside stripping off, like it says to on the top of the lid. Or is that supposed to stay on for a better seal?  The lid seems almost too hard to put on right now with the seal still attached, but, I didn’t want to pull it of without knowing for sure and ruin the lid completely.  (The picture is the fermenter lid, and you can see where you would pull the stripping around the outside of it.)

Also, the kit came with your English Mild Draught Ale Recipe Kit. In it there are 2 bags of hops. They Are labeled Hops – 100043, and Specialty Hops – 100040. But in the instructions the hops are refereed to as Bittering Hops and Flavor Hops. Of my 2, which one is which?

Thanks for your help, and if you have any answers for me please post a comment below.  The sooner I know what to do, the sooner I can start brewing!!!



  • Not sure myself. I just got the same kit. If you figure it out, let me know.

  • Raj – Regarding this post, The stripping is A-OK to take off. It is almost impossible to put the lid on otherwise.

    Bittering Hops are the Hops – 100043 (Or the hops that have more in them)

    And the Specialty Hops are the Flavor Hops.

    I contacted Brewcraft about this and they are going to updating their labels to make this less confusion for beginners. Hope this helps.

    Good Luck.

  • Just be careful about scratching the fermenting buckets. Bacteria can harbor in those scratches and can contaminate your whole batch.

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