30 Mar
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BrewCraft Home Brewing Kit, Bottling the Beer

Alright, so last night was day 17 in the fermenter for my Brewcraft English Mild Draught Ale. I took the readings with the hydrometer and the alcohol content appeared to be just about right, and the clarity of the beer cleared up a lot since the last time I checked it 4 days prior. The instructions were a little unclear in this section as to if you need to add any dextrose (corn sugar) to the beer before bottling. It never mentioned that at all. All the brewing videos and book I had read about home brewing suggested to do so. So I went ahead and boiled 3/4 cup of Dextrose with 16 oz of water for a few minutes.  Then I let it cool for a little while and added it to the beer that I had siphoned into the bottling bucket. I stirred gently trying not to get to many air bubbles into the beer.

Now it was time to bottle!!! After cleaning all the supplies and bottles, I began filling them up one by one. The siphoning system that comes with the Brewcraft home brewing kit works great. I would definitely recommend doing the bottling part of the beer making with another person. This process is a little tricky to manage for first timers. A second set of hands will make a world of difference for you. And even if you aren’t a first timer, having a second set of hands would allow you to be able to do the same amount of work in less than half the time.
After bottling all the beers, I capped them all and rinsed any beer off the outside of the bottles that may have dripped while filling them up.

Now I have to wait another week or so before trying these bad boys!  The beer smelled great while bottling and cant wait to try it!!

I ended up with 40 – 12oz. beers, and 7 – 22oz beers!

Has anyone ever tried the Brewcraft English Mild Draght ale kit? If so, feel free to post a comment and let me know what you thought of it!

So, what do you think?