17 Feb
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Funny Greeting Cards, The Best Way to Say You’re Welcome, You’re Welcome Cards

I am one of those people who doesn’t like sending Thank You cards after receiving a gift or a nice gesture from someone. Yeah, I know its the polite thing to do, but I already said thank you when they gave me the gift. How many thank you’s do I have to say to let them know I appreciate what they had done for me?

The “Thank You” has just been played out. Even if you receive a Think You Card from someone, you have to call them and say, “thanks for the thank you card you sent me…” It just never ends!  I didn’t even like receiving thank you cards until about a month ago when I discovered something that will revolutionize the card giving industry! You’re Welcome Cards! These cards are hysterical, and will make who ever you send them too laugh. They are great for a number of different reasons, and the nice thing about these You’re Welcome Cards is the fact that they’re not holiday specific. These cards can be giving at Christmas, for Birthdays, or just because you want to “One-Up” that persons Thank You Card. There is really no limit to giving these cards to someone. YoureWelcomeCards.com only has a couple of designs at the moment, but the cards that they have will work for any and every situation that you might find your self in!

Check at You’re Welcome Cards HERE, and start changing the way we give greeting cards! Make someone laugh with these great cards!

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