25 Feb
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Downpipe and High-Flow Cat Causing Check Engine to Come On, Trick Your Oxygen Sensor

I have a 2006 Audi A3, and a couple years ago I decided to put on a high-flow downpipe and Cat. I believe it was a A.W.E Downpipe and Cat. Anyways, After installing it on my car, a day later the check engine light came on. The car was running fine, so i want sure what was wrong. After running a diagnostics check on it, we found out that the rear Oxygen Censor that is right behind the Cat was triggering the check engine light to come on. The new Cat that had been installed with this downpipe restricted the air coming through the exhaust a lot less, causing the oxygen sensor to set off the check engine light. So after clearing the check engine light, and having it come back on time after time I got sick of it, and just left it. I mean, there was no way i wa going to take off the new downpipe and reinstall my stock one. So I have been just driving with my check engine light on for over 2 years now. Resetting it with every standard maintenance check, but it would just come right back on a day or 2 later and stay on.

Finally I decided to search around to see if there were any solutions for this. A couple years ago I couldn’t come up with anything to fix this problem. People said there were ways to trick the sensor, but i wasn’t finding anything helpful on the internet. But now it seems like this is a pretty common issue. I searched Oxygen Sensor Spacers and found a ton of them on the internet. I ordered a $10 O2 Sensor off ebay, and installed it on my Audi A3. I had the check engine light reset, and haven’t seen that damn light come on since!

It is so nice not having to drive around with that annoying check engine light on anymore. The strange this is that I had bought my downpipe and cat from a friend who used it only for a couple months to write a review on it. He never had an issue with his check engine light coming on though. But when I installed it on mine, the check engine light never stayed off for more than a day. I guess every car can be slightly different, even though we had the exact same year and model car. Strange how that works.

I am just glad that they came up with a really cheap and easy way to trick the Oxygen Sensors on your car.

(Pictures to come)

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