8 Jan
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Mariah Carey Drunk on Stage for Her Acceptance Speech

This Story is just too good to pass up, I had post this and share some more Drunk Celebrity funnies with the world. My question is, did she not know that she would be winning this award? If she didn’t think she had a chance, then proceeds to get plastered that’s one thing. But knowing that you are in the running for Breakthrough Actress, you think she would have tried to wait a little while before getting butt-faced so she didn’t make an ass of herself on stage!

Singer Mariah Carey showed up drunk on stage on Jan. 5, 2009 at the Palm Springs International Film Festival to accept her award in the “breakthrough actress” category for her performance in Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire.

As Mariah Carey Walked up on stage, she did a little drunk dance, and had to hold on to her director Lee Daniels because she was too drunk to stand on her own it looked like. After rambling a little while and not being able to find her words, she apologizes to the audience and says, “please forgive me because I am a little bit…um…” The someone in the audience blurted out “…DRUNK,” and Mariah admitted she was!

The Director Lee Daniels seemed a little embarrassed and uncomfortable of the situation, having to be up there on stage with such a lush, and even worse having to hold on to her the whole time to keep her from falling off stage! Mariah Carey left the stage with these kind words, “I thank you all for all listening to my little spiel and God bless you.”

We love these drunk celebrity videos, so please keep drinking and getting in front of the camera for us!

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