20 Jan
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Final Fantasy XIII Release Date, Final Fantasy 13 United States Release

The up coming release of Final Fantasy XIII on March 9, 2010, has many people excited here in the US! This game looks to be ground breaking for the guys at Square Enix. Final Fantasy XIII looks like it is taken in a completely different direction than they have ever gone in the past.

One of the main differences that you may notice just from watching the previews and trailers online is that you will be able to see all the enemies on the battle fields before you run into them. In all the final Fantasy games prior, you would just be waling along and then all of the sudden you would be thrown into a battle. Now you can see the enemies out there and can chose to go up and battle them, or steer clear of them. This will definitely come in handy when you are low on life or need to get somewhere real quick and don’t want to bother with fighting people every 10 steps. I got to say I am really excited about this! I hated when I was just trying to get somewhere and I had to battle people every 20 seconds. It took forever to get where you were trying to go.

I am real excited to see what other new feature there will be in the new game also. I just hope that they didn’t try to over do it and make it too complicated for the gamers.

And I sure hope that it is nothing like the online version of Final Fantasy XI that came out a few years back. That was the worst game and online experience that I have ever had.

As long as they steer clear of that and keep it more like Final Fanasy X, I will be happy!

Until then, post some comments on any new features or anything that you hear the game may have for us to read about!

So, what do you think?