5 Jan
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Apple to Release iTablet, iSlate to be Released by Apple

Apple iSlate Tablet

Rumors have started about Apple’s next technology release to be a tablet Computer. These rumors say that Apple will be announcing the release of this on January 26th at a media event scheduled by Apple. Foxconn subsidiary Innolux the makers of the of the iPhones touch screens are said to be making the new touch screens for the iTablets, or whatever they might be named by Apple. There are also rumors of the tablet being named the iSlate. This seems to have a little more weight than the iTablet since Apple bought the domain iSlate.com back in 2007.

Apple iSlate Tablet_1

The iSlate will basically be an all in one 10″-touch screen computer. This product will have more of a specific purpose than just a computer though. Its main purpose is supposed to be a Kindle (or as some refer to it as a “Kindle-Killer”), designed for reading books, magazines and news on the go, not just Web surfing and tweeting, and staying in touch with all your social networks. Personally I think they should just go with the “iKindle-Killer” as the name of the product. That is exactly what it will be if this turns out to be an actual product and not just a rumor. The only thing I feel that can keep the Kindle safe is the price. So many of Apples products are to expensive for the average buyer. So if the cost is too expensive on the new iSlate, i believe buyers will shy away from the product and stick with the cheaper Kindle.

From venturebeat.com:

After years of false starts, the market for e-readers is finally hot. Amazon claims e-books outsold paper books in total dollars spent at Amazon on Christmas Day. Book and magazine publishers are the last holdouts against a fully digital media world. And although their revenues are down, they can still get people to spend $10 on a novel in digital format.

An Apple reader running the iPhone operating system would surely also read mail, surf the Web, play iTunes, and support downloadable apps. But Quick PWN’s assertion is that the new device will be marketed primarily as an e-reader. Not as a keyboardless iMac. Not as an iPhone or iPod with a bigger screen. Its key selling point will be how well it handles text, not video.

The tablet computer rumor has legs, moreso than any other besides the original iPhone. TechCrunch editor Mike Arrington, who tried to bring a tablet computer to market this past year, sold a convincing vision of what he called couch computing for his Crunchpad tablet, which may ship in 2010 under the name JooJoo.

But it makes more sense that instead of trying to invent a whole new product niche in the style of Crunchpad, Apple would try to steal an already proven market, the way the company invaded personal computers, MP3 players, TV consoles, and smartphones. Apple didn’t create these genres, but the company brings in $30 billion a year in revenue with upmarket, smartly designed entries in all of them.

One other reason the e-reader rumor resonates with me: Apple has always touted serious reading as one of its products’ core functions, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, phone or iPod. As a friend joked, “It’s not an Apple product until it can download The New York Times.”

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