12 Nov
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Hidden Pictures in the Movie Sunshine

So I was watching this really bad movie this weekend Called Sunshine. It definitely had some potential, but overall I give it a 2.5 out of 5.  Anyways, while watching it about 44 minutes into the movies, the crew aboard the spaceship walks into a dark area where all you can see is pretty much their silhouettes and their flashlights shining around in their hands.

All the sudden when the flashlight crosses right in front you the camera and shines directly into the screen, you see a weird image flash on the screen for just a split second. At first it caught me a a little off guard, thinking… “What the hell was that?!” But then it happened again right after that, and then one more time!

So I froze the movie on those exact frames to see what the images were that were flashing so fast on the screen. Below are a images of the hidden pictures that you will see in the movie Sunshine.

This happens again later in the movie too, but I didn’t bother taking a picture of the next one. I don’t know who these people are supposed to be. They all look like they are wearing Lei’s in Hawaii or something.

If you know what this is all about please post a comment explaining. Cause I am really confused why anyone would put these lame pictures in their movie.

Sunshine Hidden Picture_1Sunshine Hidden Picture_2Sunshine Hidden Picture_3


  • Hi i just found these stupid pictures as well last night. It bothered me too. I freezed the frames and found them.

    What the hell?
    Some fijian looking people or something.

    Did you figure it out?
    makes no sense at all

  • The only thing that i can think of is that these people were part of the original mission that didn’t make it. I just don’t get why they all look they are on vacation in Hawaii with leis around their necks?

    I uploaded some pictures of these images for you to see!

  • There is a photo on the wall of the Icarus with the crew all together, dressed like this. It is revealed when some of the dust is wiped from the surface.

  • the film is pretty nice. the 5 or 6 flash frames are crew members of icarus 1. analog to the santa picture of the icarus 2 crew shown in the beginning.



  • that first ‘stupid’ picture is of me!!! we were the crew of icarus 1 – the failed mission to the sun -if memory serves we were celebrating new years eve!!!
    it was shot at three mills studio in east london. and we sat on swivel stools to get that floaty effect

  • The photos were of the crew from the original mission. They have LEI’s on because they were joking around, pretending to be on “vacation” while they were away from years. They are happy and smiling because they are full of hope, believing that they will succeed. We come to find out they didn’t. Sunshine is an awesome movie, if your into sci-fi

So, what do you think?