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How to Grow a Tree From a Clipping, Starting a Tree From a Small Branch or Cutting

Here is a simple way to start a tree or plant from a clipping or small branch from an already developed plant/tree. This has saved me a lot of money. Rather than buying new plants and trees, I start them for free from cutting that I will find of tree in the wild and other places.

What you will need:
Garden Scissors (or some that can a small tree branch)
Sharp Blade
Rooting Hormone
Pot or Garden Box (that can drain)
Potting Soil

The first thing you need to do is collect your branch cuttings. It is usually a good idea to get a few in case one or 2 don’t work out. You want to get a part of a branch that is pretty thin, and you want to cut it off so that it is about 5 inches long.

After you have your clipping, you need to make clean cuts and get rid of any branches or leaves that may be coming out of the cutting. Basically just clean off any growth so you are left with a small stick with nothing else on it. Some people like to leave the little leafs up top on the cutting to help with the photosynthesis. I am not sure if this actually helps or not. For woody type trees I don’t find this necessary.

If you don’t leave and leafs at the top of the cutting, you want to cut the top of the cutting just above where a leave or branch was previously coming out. Then cut the bottom of the cutting with a sharp blade (if all you have is scissors, that’s ok but not preferred) at a clean 45°.

After you have a clean cut, dip the bottom of the clipping in the rooting hormone about an 3/4 to an inch deep. If you are using powder rooting hormone, you can dip the clipping in a little water first so that the powder will stick to it. Then sick the clipping  into the potting soil about 1-1.5 inches deep. Its a good idea to make some pre-made thin holes in the soil so that you can easily slide the clippings in there without scrapping off all the rooting hormone when you insert it into the soil. The just pack in the soil around the clipping. I use a pencil, or a chopstick to start the holes in the soil.

Next water the soil so that it is damp, and place a plastic bag over the pot and tie off so that it can retain moisture inside well. But make sure you don’t suffocate it, make sure that some fresh air can still get in.  This creates a small greenhouse for the cuttings. Check your soil every few days to make sure that it is damp and you should start to see some new shoots coming out of the cuttings within a couple weeks.

Keep the pot out of direct sunlight. Somewhere in the shade outdoors works best.

Enjoy your new plants!

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