6 Oct
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How to Choose the Perfect Bonsai Pot, What Color Bonsai Pot Should I Use?

Choosing a Bonsai Pot

With So many bonsai pots to chose from where to begin. Well you need to first look at what type of tree you are putting into the pot. You want to use a pot that will compliment the tree. There are many extravagant looking pots with lots of detail and decoration, but before using one of these, you want to remember that you are not trying to draw attention to the pot. Rather you want the pot to compliment the tree and bring your attention to the tree. Distraction pots are not usually the best for Bonsai Trees.

So before you select your pot you need to think about what color will compliment the tree, and what size you need. The color of the pot needs to compliment the tree, and the size needs to be just right. If it is too small, the tree probably wont sit right, and may even die. If it is too large, it will look out of balance and the pot will dominate the area.

The other thing to keep in mind is the depth of the bonsai pot. Is the tree deep or shallow rooted? By the time the tree gets to the main presentation stage the thickness of the pot should be roughly 2/3 the thickness of the trunk. When training the bonsai tree though, you will be using a much deeper pot in hopes of slowly making the roots more shallow.

Sharp or Rounded Corners

Should you pick a pot that has sharp corners, or a more rounded pot? This will vary depending on what type of tree you are planing as well. Strong upright styles, such as a black pine are better off in a angular pot. Where as something that is in an informal upright position, or cascading position will most likely use a rounded bonsai pot.

There are many different shapes to explore when choosing your bonsai pots. Some of them are rectangle, square, hexagonal, octagonal, round, oval, rectangle trays, freehand shapes, etc…

So when choosing your pot just try to make it compliment the tree in its entirety. You don’t want your attention drawn straight to the pot, or likewise directly at the tree, you want to have an over all joining of the two.

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