25 Sep
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What is Team Throwback on Halo 3? How Do I Get the Maps For Team Throwback?

There is a new game type for halo 3 online players, it is called Team Throwback. But when you go to it you can’t play it. It tells you that “One or more players don’t have the required maps to play that game type.” Even if you have downloaded all the map packs: Heroic, Cold Storage, Mythic, and Legendary map packs. Don’t be confused, these are all the maps that you can download right now, but you still won’t be able to play Team Throwback for Halo 3 online.

The only way to play this game type is to buy Halo ODST which has the maps that you need on it to play Team Throwback. Yep that’s right, Bungie has done it again. They have found another way to snatch some more money out of your pockets. You have to buy a whole game ($59.99) just to get the maps to play Team Throwback on Halo 3.

It would be nice if they just offered these maps for download through xbox live for $5-10 rather than buying a whole game that you may might not play that often. But that is Bungie’s plan. Get as much money from you as they can.  Thanks Bungie!  We all have a bunch of money to spend right now in this economic Slump.

We’re just trying to get by!

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