1 Sep
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Rapid Fire Controllers Ruining Online Gaming, Rapid Fire Controllers Making Halo 3 Not Fun to Play Anymore

I have been a Halo fanatic since it first came out. Halo is by far one of the best games ever created, but people always seem to find ways to cheat when playing Halo online.

The last few nights I have been playing Halo 3 online with some friends. We usually do pretty well, winning at least half the games we play. But the last few times that I have played something seemed different in the game play. Not only were we losing a lot of the games that we played, but I seemed to be dying a lot faster than I should be from only being shot by one person.

After going head to head with another player online a few different times, both of us using battle riffles, I noticed that their weapons were firing at a faster rate than mine. Even when I got the jump on them, shooting direct head-shots every time, they still were able to kill me quicker. It seems almost like I am dying from 3 shots from the battle rifle from one person now. Usually it takesĀ  at least 4 direct head shots with the battle rifle to kill someone.

I figured most of these people had to be using Rapid fire controllers. There is no way you can get your weapon to fire that fast with out it. Rapid fire controllers are easy to make, and if you don’t want to make them, there are also companies that sell them for a decent price. So they are not hard to get your hands on. More and more people you come across online playing Halo 3 seem to be using rapid fire controllers.

These rapid fire controllers are ruining the online experience for Halo 3 gamers, and other gamers alike. Cheating completely throws off the curve of having a fair game and makes playing Halo 3 online not enjoyable anymore. Until Bungie and other software developers find a way to stop online game cheating once and for all, these games just aren’t fun to play anymore.

Online Gaming is being ruined by people cheating!

So, what do you think?