28 Sep
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Jiffy Lube Messed Up My Car, Jiffy Lube Workers Ruined My Body Kit

Today I took my car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change… What a mistake!

I drive an Audi A3, which sits at a fairly average height off the ground. It is not lowed or anything, but I do have an aftermarket body kit on it which sits a little close to the ground than the stock body kit. The side skirts on the car hang down and wrap underneath the frame of the car. The side skirts have cut outs where you can jack the car up so that you don’t break or scratch the kits in both the front and the back.

Like most mechanic and auto shops they have car lifts that you drive over and they go up along the whole under frame of your car to lift it.  In my case and other cars with unique body kits, you would just need to position blocks in the spots under the car where the lift could push up on the frame of the car and not the body kit. This is nothing new, I have never had a problem with this at any shop I have gone to.  But the inexperienced idiots at Jiffy Lube decided to just lift the car straight into the side skirts with out positioning blocks to lift the car by the frame only.

The Side skirts were buckling outward and starting to become detached from the car which also made some scuff marks in the paint on the underside of the side skirts from the lift. After yelling at them and telling them to lower the car down I went in to show the manager what had happened. He came out to look and tried to tell me that the car was being lifted up by the frame. I showed him how much of the side skirt came unglued from the pressure of the lift against it and that the car was clearly not being lifted by the frame alone.  After arguing about it with him for a while he realized that they were in the wrong and they messed up. He offered to put some silicone in there to try and fix it, but after seeing how incompetent they were with just lifting the car, I didn’t want some janky ass glue job all over my paint.  The paint was messed up too, which he couldn’t do anything about. I told them to just leave it alone and finish my oil change.

After they finished I go inside to pay, the total was $82 and some change. Synthetic oil changes are not cheap, I wasn’t happy about that to begin with. I was expecting some sort of discount, or something for them jacking up my body kit. After he told me the total which he did not discount anything at all from, I was furious! I let him know about it! So he adjusted the price for me…. all the way down to $72 and some change. A whole $10 dollars off for almost ripping off my side skirts and fucking up the paint on the underside of them. At this point I just wanted to get out of there, these idiots know nothing about customer satisfaction, and even more important they don’t know how to lift your vehicle which they have to do day in and day out!

I paid and left, pissed as hell! Then the kicker… When I got in the car, there is a $10 off coupon on the seat that they leave in there for you if you bring a second car back to have an oil change. That asshole gave me a standard $10 off coupon, nothing more for all the damage they had done to my body kit! Thanks Jiffy Lube!

Jiffy Lube had some of the worst customer service that I have ever seen! I will never take my car back there after that incompetent performance by some lazy as mechanics.

So, what do you think?