3 Sep
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Halo 4 Release Date, New Halo Title: Halo Reach

Halo 4 Reach

YES IT’S TRUE!!! Halo 4 is to be released in Fall of 2010. Bungie announced the new Halo title, and it is not going to be Halo 4, it will be called Halo Reach

It’s due for release in Fall 2010. There is not a whole lot of other information about Halo Reach yet, just the short Trailer below. Enjoy and get ready for the new Halo!

Bungie also set up a bonus for anyone buying Halo: ODST the Halo 3 expansion (which came out September 22), You will get an invite to the Halo Reach Beta, Just as they did the Beta release before the final release of Halo 3!

If you weren’t thinking about getting Halo ODST, you may want to reconcider so that you can get your hads on Halo Reach sooner than everyone else!

So, what do you think?