25 Aug
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Rapid Fire XBox 360 Controller, Halo 3 Rapid Fire Controller

Rapid Fire Controller XBOXI have been playing halo since the release of the first Halo for Xbox in 2001. Halo is by far the best game ever, but ever since the online combat came out on Halo 2 and Halo 3, people have been finding ways to cheat. From super Bouncing on top of levels, to Modding your Xbox allowing you to unload a whole clip on someone in a fraction of a second, and now Modding your Xbox controller to rapid fire.

The Rapid fire controller allows you to shoot your weapon at a much faster rate than normal, it has virtually no wind up time when using the turrets, and your bullets shoot perfectly straight everytime, with virtually now scattered bullets. Making xbox rapid fire controller is not hard to do either!

As cool and fun as this is, like any other cheat in the Halo series, it makes the game a lot less fun. There is nothing better than a competitive game of Halo with your buddies. But when you get some asshole in the game cheating, it just ruins the fun for everyone.

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