19 Aug
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Phone Number is Locked Into Google Voice and Can’t Access It, Releasing Your Phone Number From Google Voice

I recently signed up for a google voice account. I got a Google voice number and hooked it up to my cell phone. A week ago I canceled that account that I had the Google voice number signed up to. Even though I canceled the account all together, the Google voice phone number is still attached to my cell phone.

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Now I cannot access my google voice account at all to get my cell phone number off of it. I have tried visiting the forums, and submitting tickets to Google, but there doesn’t seem to be any solution to this problem. My cell phone number is locked into Google Voice and I Can’t Access It, so i can/t get my cell phone number released from the account.

I am still looking for a way to have google voice release my phone number from an account that doesn’t exist anymore.

I have tried creating a new Google voice account and putting my cell phone number into it, but it just tells me that “the phone number is already being used.” There are no options to overwrite the number that is already being used.

The google Voice Forums have not been any help at all. And the responses from the tickets that I have submitted aren’t even close to resolving this issue.

If you have any information as to how i might be able to do this, please let me know. Feel free to post coments with any suggestins.


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