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My Dog is Sneezing and Coughing Because of the Dog Park, Did My Dog Get Kennel Cough at the Dog Park?

Over the summer I had been noticing that my dog started sneezing a lot, and inhaling strangely at night and just while resting around the house during the day.  It seemed to be much worse on days after I had taken him to the dog park. I was starting to think he had a Kennel Cough, which would not be that unlikely.

Kennel Cough is a very contagious disease for dogs. It is also referred to as tracheobronchitis, canine infectious tracheobronchitis, Bordetellosis, or Bordetella. Just coming in contact with other dogs, kennel cough can be transferred from one dog to the other.

Symptoms of Kennel Cough –
Symptoms of kennel cough usually develop about a week or less after a your dog is exposed to it. Common symptoms are dry, hacking cough and coughing up a white foamy throw up substance. Sometimes dogs also develop pick eye (medical term “conjunctivitis”), and nasal discharge. In mild cases, your dog may not seem like anything is wrong, just some sneezing or light coughing. In severe cases, your dog can develop a  fever, become depressed, excrete yellow/green nasal discharge. Some very severe cases of kennel cough can be fatal.

Most of the time, dogs get kennel cough when they are in close contact with many other dogs. Most of the time from a large group of dogs that are in kennels, hence the name “Kennel Cough.” But it is not only found in dogs that are in kennels. Due to the highly contagious nature of the disease, I figured, one of the dogs at the dog park must have had it and gave it to my dog. There are hundreds of different dogs there everyday, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if my dog got kennel cough from one of them. Even though my dog was up to date on all his shots, can he still get kennel cough?

After hearing what kennel cough was, I thought for sure my dog had got it from another dog at the dog park, but he just hadn’t developed all the really bad symptoms yet, other than sneezing and occasionally coughing. I decided to just keep an eye on him and not take him out for a few days to see if it went away, and to not spread anything in-case he had kennel cough.

After a couple days at home he had stopped sneezing. So I started taking him out to the dog park again, but the sneezing started again that night after taking him. This continued for a couple weeks, where he would be fine at home for a couple days, then after taking him out, he would be sneezing and coughing a little.

After doing a little more research, I found out that my dog was allergic to a lot of the plants and grass that are at the dog park. I was amazed to find out that dogs can have allergies just like humans. The symptoms of my dogs allergies closely resembled a mild form of kennel cough, so it was a little scary at first. His allergies seem fine now, it just seems to be the worst for him in the Spring, and early part of summer. I found out that dogs that have allergies are usually due to pollen and other plant fibers, which in the spring and summer there is more pollen in the air, and blooming plants than any other time of the year.

Now it seems as if my dog has started to build up an immunity to the plants and pollen, because he is not sneezing at all anymore. Either that, or maybe it’s because summer is coming to an end and there isn’t as much pollen in the air. If that’s the case ill know next year what is going on when he starts sneezing again.

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