19 Aug
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Just Trying To Get By in a Bad Economy, Making Ends Meet in a Recession

The Definition of a recession is the reduction of a country’s gross domestic product for at least two quarters (Wikipedia).

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, The United States began it’s current recession in December of 2007.

When our economy will break free from the current economic recession is unknown. The Great Depression lasted roughly 10 years. And we have seen many smaller recessions since then, that did not last nearly that long. I don’t believe that our current recession will last too much longer. Hopefully we can see things turn around for the U.S. Economy in the next year or two. But in the meantime…

In an attempt to offset the decrease in income due to the downward spiral of our economy, I have decided to start a blog with hopes of earning back a little of what has been lost. I’m sure everyone reading this can appreciate our situation and may be able to spread some light on how to be more successful with this. Feel free to post any comments or suggestions on our blog.

Our blog will focus on a variety of subjects, from financial tips and tricks, Health related issues, food and drink recipes, Electronic and gaming information, and a variety of other everyday useful information. All in an attempt to help us get by this recession.

So, what do you think?