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Behcet’s Flare Ups, What are Behcet’s Flare Ups, What Do Flare Ups Feel Like?

Flare-Ups are a common with Behcet’s Disease. The Flare-Ups can come and go in a series of attacks throughout life brought on by high stress levels, and a lowered immune system. Flare Ups will come and go, sometimes every few weeks or months, while others may go for years without problems. In my case I find that Flare Ups are directly related to a combination of the amount of stress I am under over the course of a few days, the amount of rest I get, and what my diet is.

Flare Ups can cause a fever and fatigue, and most common for me is swelling, arthritic pain throughout my muscles and joints.The feeling is like severe growing pains and flu-like aches and pains. Flare ups can also feel as if  someone lit a match and all my joints were on fire. Sometimes in a specific spot, like my knees, or hands, and others throughout my whole body, causing headaches and fevers due to the swelling.

When a flare up begins for me, there is not a whole lot that can be done, other than take some anti-inflammatory medicine and wait in agony for the pain to go away. Thank God for Advil! It is best to try to catch the flare ups before they begin. Sometimes I can notice that my body is starting to shut down, and I will feel more fatigued than I should. When I feel this way, I try my best to make sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy meals, and not do anything too stressful on my body or mind. It is also important to drink lots of fluids.

I am in the process of trying some all natural supplements to help control my Behcet’s Flare-Ups, and I will be posting the results of those within the next month. As of right now, Advil is the only thing that really seems to help me when I have a flare up and I don’t want be reliant on a pain medicine my whole life. I am hoping that some natural supplements, and the right lifestyle and diet will help lay this disease dormant and not bother me in the future.

Please post any comments if you have found an alternative to anti-inflammatory medicine, like Advil. Or if you would just like to share anything else.


  • Saw your post my 21 yr. old daughter has Behcet’s and was wondering what supplements did you try and how did they work for you?

  • Hi Lori, thanks for commenting. I haven’t been too good about taking my supplements consistently lately, but one of them that I have noticed that has helped when I take it regularly is MSM – Methylsulfonylmethane. This stuff works wonders with my joints and inflammation. I just need to better about taking it on a consistent basis. I honestly feel that this stuff could be the cure to my Behcets problems. If your daughter hasn’t tried it, I would definitely give it a shot!

    Has your daughter had any luck with any others supplements?

  • I am not sure I have Bechets, but it is looking that way. What did you do for your recurrent mouth ulcers? What are some of the other symptoms you experienced?

  • Hi K, I have not had any mouth ulcers for sometime now… and really have not had any bad flareups (awful pain in my joints and spine) either. And all that I have been doing is making sure that I am getting plenty of sleep, along with living as much of a stress free life as I possibly can.

    I have also been pregnant and in my 3rd trimester now, and have had no real signs of flareups the whole pregnancy. Made me start to wonder if all the prenatal vitamins that I am taking have helped, or if its just that I am taking care of my body more; watching what I eat, and getting lots of rest.

    I would recommend trying some daily vitamins and lots of rest… see if that helps you, it really has seemed to help me a lot.

  • I have Behecets disease and was diagnosed at age 21. I agree with the agonizing joint pain with flares and the fire in your joints. Fatigue plays a HUGE role. My stress level has been off the charts for some years and I go in and out of flare fequently. Prior to that I went several years with no problems at all.

    Rest, good diet and steady exercise is the best thing. Low stress is the optimal medicine.

    I however have to stay on colchicine. Also have to have steroid shots on occation. I do have ocular involvement.

    Herbal supplements can help too. Try Tumeric!

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